Susan Beatrice Recycles Old Watch Parts Into Intricately Detailed Steampunk Sculptures


What happens to all of the old watches people no longer want? Many end up in landfills, but others are lucky enough to end up in Susan Beatrice’s workshop. Beatrice recycles old watch parts and gives them new life, transforming them into incredible steampunk sculptures full of wondrous details.

Beatrice recycles old watch parts into art, but she is also a talented sand sculptor as well as painter. Her business is called ‘All Natural Arts,’ and just as its name suggests all of her pieces are made from recycled materials to ensure an eco-friendly product that doesn’t further harm the planet.

Beatrice’s creations bring boring old gears and machinery to life. She has the ability to turn ratchets and other tiny technical parts into a lively mouse, seahorse or fairy. The more you look at her varied artwork the more you wonder what this woman can’t do… as it appears she can make everything out of anything.

Beatrice writes of her craft: “Earth-friendly and artistic items sensitive to the limits of our natural resources.” If this motto resonates with you make sure to follow Susan Beatrice on Facebook where you can order one of her brilliant sculptures.


recycled-watch-parts-sculptures-vintage-antique-susan-beatrice-46recycled-watch-parts-sculptures-vintage-antique-susan-beatrice-37We recommend checking out Susan’s Facebook to see more of her amazing eco-friendly art.

recycled-watch-parts-sculptures-vintage-antique-susan-beatrice-30Photo Credit: Facebook, All Natural Arts

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