How To Turn Old Bottles Into Lamps Using Rechargeable LED Corks


We love DIY projects you can use to make awesome products while also recycling and bettering the planet. This nifty invention allows you to do both by turning old bottles into lamps with rechargeable LED corks.

Suck UK is the genius name behind the rechargeable bottlelight, which makes the perfect gift or home/office accessory. An old empty bottle doesn’t have to end up in the trash when instead it can be made into a uniquely beautiful table lamp.

The large tapered wine cork looks standard except for the glowing white LED light located at the bottom. The light will shine bright for up to 3 hours before requiring another charge. It takes one hour to charge the cork light using the included USB connector.

The LED light will further highlight whatever color the bottle is, meaning you can get creative using bottles of your favorite color. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to turn old bottles into lamps, offering a touch of light and color while simultaneously allowing you to recycle old bottles.


If you have a few glass bottles sitting around your house, all you need is a rechargeable LED cork sold through Suck UK. The cork comes with its own charger, which lights up red to let you know when it is charging.


The actual cork breaks off into 2 separate parts, the cork and the chargeable light with USB connector that connects into the charger or any compatible USB outlet.



Wine bottles, beakers and other glass bottles serve as the perfect lamp base. Include your own personal touch of style by adding colored sand, seashells or other fun accessories to the bottom of the glass bottle.




Suck UK makes a number of nifty inventions, check out their website to see more!



You can purchase the Suck UK cork shaped rechargeable bottle light through Amazon for $12 + shipping.

Photo Credits: suckuk.comAmazon