Rare Video Of Humpback Whales Swimming Beneath Northern Lights Captured by Lucky Photographer

whales northern lights

Photo Credit: Harald Albrigtsen/YouTube

Witnessing the Northern Lights and seeing whales up close are both popular “bucket list” items for many people, but how many get to do both at the same time? While capturing the aurora borealis on video and getting footage of humpback whales is not all that unusual, capturing these moments simultaneously is extremely rare.

But that’s just what happened to lucky photographer Harald Albrigtsen who managed to take shoot a video of humpback whales swimming beneath the Northern Lights recently.

This extremely rare opportunity to film the whales surfacing under the Northern Lights presented itself this week when  Albrigtsen was testing a Sony A7 camera that makes shooting in very dark conditions possible. He was filming a video for Norwegian public television (NRK) at the time, and saw the two humpback whales swimming under the bright green, glowing backdrop off the coast of the island Kvaløya near the city Tromsø.

The photographer called it “a dream for many.” He told NRK, “It was a very good feeling to see that I had managed to catch whales under the Northern Lights two days in a row. I did not even know if everything was in focus.

“Whales under the Northern Lights are rare.”

Albrigtsen added that he’d gone back the second night in an attempt to get closer and had almost given up after a few hours when the whales finally appeared again.

Known for his images of the Northern Lights, Albrigtsen captured video of reindeer grazing under the aurora earlier this year. He told NRK that these new photographing and filming techniques can be revolutionary for shooting the Northern Lights and could be a boost to tourism in Norway as a result.

The beautiful animals in the clip which can be viewed below, appear subtly as the waves of the water slowly begin to build and increase in size. At a few points in the video they’re seen coming up for air, revealing themselves to those who were fortunate enough to be there.