This University Has A Puppy Room That Reduces Student Stress


The University of Lancashire now offers the best way to help stressed-out students, a puppy room equipped with the cutest bundles of fur you’ve ever seen! The University opened the puppy room to students on May 7th via the student union’s SOS (Stressed Out Students) campaign.

It’s been proven by countless research studies that pets of all kinds actually help reduce stress, and college kids tend to be some of the most stressed out.

One study in particular influenced the development of the puppy room. This Japanese study found that people scored higher on tests if they spent time hanging out with puppies or kittens before taking an exam. In fact, people scored as much as 44% higher thanks to their interactions with furry friends. Interestingly, puppies and kittens had a higher influence than full-grown dogs or cats.

The puppy room works with the Guide Dogs charity, allowing students to book a time and make a minimum donation of £1.50 ($2.37) in order to chill out with the adorable puppies in a calm and comfortable environment.

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It’s really a win-win program, the guide dogs in training are benefited as well as the students who need to de-stress. The student union said, “These opportunities give the puppies a chance to get used to being around people, which is great for their development and training to be a successful guide dog.”

The student union says the safety of puppies and students is of utmost priority. “The puppies will have regular breaks throughout the 3 hours and be with their handlers at all times. We have set up a separate chill out room for the puppies as well if they need it, plus the number of students allowed into the room will be limited depending on the number of puppies we have for a session.” 

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So far the students at UCLan love it, in fact the puppy room has remained booked up with stressed-out students looking to relax with the cutest pups on campus! They aren’t the only campus using a puppy room to help out students, many other universities are doing the same thing.

Puppy Room At Acadia University

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Dalhousie University’s Puppy Room


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