21 Proud Dog Moms Showing Of Their New Puppies


Maternal instincts kick in the moment dogs deliver their litter of puppies. Watching dog moms interact with their puppies is downright adorable. After all, puppies depend on their mom for almost everything, and mommy does her very best job keeping her little ones clean, fed, warm and happy.

A fresh litter of puppies is enough to make human hearts melt, and enough to make dog moms glow brighter than a firefly with pride. Just look at this list of proud dog moms showing of their new pups to see exactly what we mean!

1. Hungry Puppies, Proud Mommy

Photo Credit: louiebaur

2. So Many Puppies So Little Space

XX-Proud-Mommies9__605Photo Credit: Unknown

3. Look What I Made

That’s a lot of little Dalmatians!

proud-mommies-2__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. Proud Mom Has Her Pups All Lined Up In A Row

proud-mommies-6__605Photo Credit: Unknown

5. One Big Wrinkle Made All Of These Wee Little Wrinkles

XX-Proud-Mommies3__605Photo Credit: gabbitronn

6. Future Soccer Mom

XX-Proud-Mommies5__605Photo Credit: Unknown

7. Where Does Mommy End And Her Puppies Begin?

proud-mommies-5__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. 10 Golden Puppies, 2 Proud Parents

XX-Proud-Mommies__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. Mine, Mine, Mine!!!

proud-mommies-35__605Photo Credit: needdis

10. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo…

XX-Proud-Mommies2__605Photo Credit: Unknown

11. “I Was Taking A Photo Of A Litter Of One Week Old Puppies When I Got Photobombed By My Other Dog”

Hey, I may not have puppies but I’m still so cute!

proud-mommies-31__605Photo Credit: hazzamadazzla

12. Proud Mommy And Her Mini-Me’s

There’s one rebel in this group that wants to go his own way… see which one I mean?

XX-Proud-Mommies4__605Photo Credit: Unknown

13. They’re All Mine, Can You Tell?

XX-Proud-Mommies12__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

14. Making Sure Everyone Eats Their Veggies!

proud-mommies-1__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

15. Mom Always Loves Watching All Of Her Babies Get Along

proud-mommies-34__605Photo Credit: Unknown

16. Oh My PAW! A Parade Of Neapolitan Mastiff Puppies With Momma

proud-mommies-36__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

17. Hulk, The World’s Largest Pitbull, Poses With His Litter Of Pups

He might not be the mommy but he sure is proud!

XX-Proud-Mommies10__605Photo Credit: darkdynastyk9s

At 173-Pounds, Hulk Might Be The World’s Biggest Pitbull And He’s Still Growing!

18. Husky Pups Hanging With Mom

proud-mommies-21__605Photo Credit: Thediepend

19. Grinning From Ear To Ear

proud-mommies-381__605Photo Credit: irawwwr

20. One Happy Family

proud-mommies-33__605Photo Credit: Martin Hahn

21. Bernese Mountain Dog Proud As Can Be

proud-mommies-23__605Photo Credit: bellafelis

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