Cute Illustrations Remind The World Why Giving Up Your Seat For Pregnant Women Should Be Mandatory


Pregnant women work, go to school, do chores, run errands, and until the very end of their pregnancy, do pretty much everything else the rest of us non-pregnant people do. With a baby growing inside of your belly everyday tasks are not nearly as easy to accomplish. There’s the nausea, exhaustion, feet aches and so forth, all of which make life as a pregnant woman much more tiring.

People out in the world who have never been pregnant before may fail to understand just how much different life is when you’re carrying a growing bundle of life inside of you. The talented, and sympathetic, Shanghai-based designer Shiyang He is here to remind the world: give up your seat for pregnant women!

Shiyang He created these cute poster illustrations for the China-based company Yili Milk. The posters were created as part of a campaign to encourage the public to give up their seats for pregnant women whenever the chance arises. The name of the poster campaign is extremely fitting, “Give up your seat to someone carrying something more important.”

stand-up-for-pregnant-public-transport-service-ad-shiyang-he-1Mall parking lots have designated spaces for pregnant women, and many bus stations and other forms of public transportation have signs reminding people to give up their seat. Regardless, it’s easy to get carried away in your own world and forget to look out for others, namely big ol’ pregnant ladies. These adorable illustrations serve as a nice reminder!

stand-up-for-pregnant-public-transport-service-ad-shiyang-he-3Before you start thinking Yili Milk, the company these posters were apparently created for, is a rock star of sorts, we feel it’s our duty to note they have been involved in some scandals regarding tainted baby formula. Regardless, Shiyang He’s illustrations still offer the perfect message: always give up your seat for a pregnant woman!

stand-up-for-pregnant-public-transport-service-ad-shiyang-he-2Photo Credits: Behance

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