Portuguese Street Artist Creates Amazing Owl Sculptures Using Junk


Artur Bordalo, also known as Bordalo II, is well known for his incredible street art. Not only is his artwork impressive but also it incorporates mass amounts of trash. The Portuguese street artist has created yet another stunning masterpiece, and as always he has used only old junk and recycled goods. One of his latest creations is called “Owl Eyes.” You can find the wide-eyed owl made of trash located on a wall within the city of Covilha.

Tractor tires, sheet metal, and a number of other scrap materials were gathered together to create something so far from the trash it once was. Bordalo found all of the trash he used to craft the owl directly around the city streets of Covilha.

The results are breathtaking, and proof that one man’s trash can truly be a treasure for the whole world to share. Check out Bordalo’s incredible masterpiece below and learn more about the awesome recycling artist behind the magic.


Covilha holds an annual WOOL festival in honor of urban arts and artists, Bordalo created “Owl Eyes” as a part of the traditional art festivities.

In an interview with Bored Panda Bordalo explains more about the location his “Owl Eyes” artwork is featured, “In the center of this city we have a lot of ruins and abandoned buildings so that’s why I used trash to build an owl, the symbol of education and culture – both are missing in this area.”


The awesome recycled nature of his artwork isn’t confined to this hoot-worthy owl. A big part of Bordalo’s work includes using trash to create art. He says, “It’s part of the concept of my work, and my work in general, to use found trash from the streets, the fruits of excessive consumerism/capitalism.”

Humans all over the globe create an abundance of trash, too much trash for our planet to sustain. As a result, we are filling up landfills at rapid rates, polluting the beautiful planet we require to sustain life. Bordalo uses trash found within an area to create his artwork, this way the trash and the overall design directly connects together to the city it comes from.


Bordalo considers plastics to be “one of the cancers of the planet,” and so he always tries to incorporate a large majority of plastics into his bigger works of art. The owl isn’t the only large bird he has constructed in the area, there is also a giant heron affixed to the side of another building that is equally impressive.


It isn’t easy to manufacture a large piece of street art that incorporates so many different materials. Bordalo works with a team of assistants to get the job done just right. “We have difficulties with connecting some different pieces, which happens when we have different materials. There isn’t a special glue for everything so we must fix, drill, cut, and find the best ways to connect it and make it last!”


Bordalo uses painting and trash to create his very own interpretation of a certain urban city and its landscapes, environment, and entertainment. His work provides a unique way to recycle, as well as dig deeper at the odd things humans do. For instance, humans are obsessed with collecting ‘nice things,’ which are really just unrealized junk.


How often do you take your trash out throughout the week? We create so much trash, and we often don’t realize the impact this directly has on the environment. Bordalo’s work serves as an inspiration to all. How could you recycle your own waste into something that resembles a masterpiece instead of a landfill?

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Photo Credits: bordalosegundo.comFacebookInstagram