18 Dogs That Instantly Regretted Their Poor Life Choices


MOST humans are pretty good at thinking over consequences before partaking in a certain action, but that doesn’t mean we always think things through.

My life is full of moments where I’ve been stuck in the mud and thought—‘Why in the heck did I do that?’ The older I get the less often this happens, but I know the pang of regret will hit me again sooner or later. After all, life is full of poor decision making because you’re never done learning.

Dogs are just like humans when it comes to poor decision making, perhaps that’s why the pups on this list are so hilarious to us… we can totally relate!

Dogs learn over time what to do and what not to do, but regardless they tend to dive into things before really thinking it over. The dogs on this list are currently regretting their latest poor life choices. Get ready to LAA—laugh at animals!

1. Hello New Friend, I Am Completely Stuck.

This photo was originally posted with the caption: “Neighbors got a new dog, He seems to really love my pug.”

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-31__605Photo Credit: smease

2. The Closet Is Full Of Dangerous Things

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-34__605Photo Credit: Silentwes

3. Dang Kids Coloring On My Favorite Sleeping Spot Again…

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-10__605Photo Credit: youtbuddcody

4. Wee! This Seems Fuuuu–

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-1__605Photo Credit: GleamTheCube

5. Poor Puppy Learned Early On To Never Eat A Bee

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-30__605Photo Credit: skyline_kid

6. A Little Help Over Here… Being Eaten Alive By The Couch

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-24__605Photo Credit: gloweblue

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7. Well This Doesn’t Seem Right…

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-29__605Photo Credit: TheDonCuffy

8. Note To Self: Run When Frisbee Is Thrown

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-16__605Photo Credit: ozone_one

9. Poor Life Decision: Puppy Style

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-12__605Photo Credit: theseareafewofmyfavoritethings

10. Oh Good Gosh, What Have I Done Now?

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-17__605Photo Credit: totallynotabear

11. Shiba Inu Stuck In Bush

“I’m good, just chilling here on purpose! Haven’t even started to think about how I’m going to get out of this bush.”

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-44__605Photo Credit: yamamochi223

12. What Do You Mean? I’m Wearing This ‘Hat’ On Purpose. Now Can Someone Get It Off?

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-40__605Photo Credit: mamadinosaur

13. “Went To Pick Up Dog From Kennel And Found Her Like This”

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-18__605Photo Credit: nurse_a-hugs

14. So That’s Why They Told Me Not To Drink Out Of Here…

Who pugged the toilet?! 

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-103__605Photo Credit: athanathios

15. Hammocks + Dogs = Poor Life Decisions

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-43__605Photo Credit: alt-jh

16. Please Help!

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-38__605Photo Credit: mynameisjacky

17. Why Is This Path So Small?!

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-26__605Photo Credit: shintje

18. Excuse Me, Sir, Could You Get Me Outta Here?

dogs-who-made-poor-life-choices-5__605Photo Credit: EyePhone14

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