This Is What A ‘Pool Pawty’ At A Dog Daycare Center Looks Like


Who let the dogs out? It looks like these dogs sure know how to have a good time and throw one heck of a puppy pool pawty! Doggy daycares come in all shapes, sizes, and types, although this ‘cool’ spot for dogs might be one of the neatest places your dog can spend his or her days. Lucky Puppy is located in Michigan, and is truly where the “lucky puppies” go to hang out.

When you leave your dog with a sitter you naturally worry, are they going to have a good time? Are they going to be happy, will they be taken care of? If you have to board your dog at a place that kennels them, such as the pound, your worries can climb to new heights.

But for pet people that call Lucky Puppy their go-to doggy daycare, worries are diminished. Around here dogs run the show, doing exactly what dogs do best: having a splashing great time! After all, dogs that attend Lucky Puppy have a great 3-acre paradise to explore amongst plenty of canine companions. They also have over 7 acres of natural trails to explore with experienced handlers. And as if all of that isn’t enough, Lucky Puppy also gives dogs a chance to play in  their very own swimming pool, shaped just like a dog bone of course!


What brings dogs to daycare? Just like 2-legged human children, dogs are also a lot of work, and sometimes pet owners just need a break. Maybe to go off on a work vacation, enjoy a week in Hawaii, or just get some uninterrupted stuff done around the house. Owners also take their dog to daycare so that they have the chance to socialize.

Judging by these photos, dogs have never been happier to come and spend some time at daycare. With toys flying here and there, the dogs line up, taking turns splashing around in the most perfect pool for pups.


On the Lucky Puppy Facebook page, the photo below, “Tic, Tac, Toe, three Goldens in a row” won first place for the Jully 2014 Postcard of the month. Easy to see why, with these 3 being so cute!


When you go to your local grocery store you might notice some eggs are sold with stickers that read: “cage free.” This is one good sign of cruelty free produce, but “cage free” takes on a different meaning at Lucky Puppy, where the dogs are advertised as “cage free.” Freedom to roam around, splash in the pool, and be as far away from the confines of a cage as possible make all happy-go-lucky pups with plenty of energy enjoy spending the day, or night, at this daycare.

Below is easily my favorite photo of them all. This jumping canine, wearing a full-toothed grin, proves doggy daycare can be a barking great time!


“Did someone say BALL!?!” Seriously, there is nothing dogs love more than chasing after a good toy–especially in the water!



8 dogs, one green ball–who is going to catch it first?!?! The high-flying black dog looks like he’s on a mission to win it–then again, he’s got some competition from the levitated golden just across the pool.


No matter if dogs are in the water or on the land, they still love to sniff other dog butts! Hey, dogs will be dogs.


This dog is a serious ‘hot shot’ in so many of these photos, making epic catches left and right.


You might think your dog will worry about you while you are gone, but with so much to do at Lucky Puppy, they just might forget about going home with you altogether ;). That is unless you can compete by adding a bone-sized pool full of furry play pals to your own backyard!

Photo Credits: Lucky Puppy, Facebook