Polish Artist Covers City Streets In Intricate Lace Patterns


NeSpoon is not your everyday street artist. Everything you associate with graffiti, just go ahead and disregard. NeSpoon’s street art is all about the lady-like details, including plenty of frills!

In fact, this urban artist uses a number of different techniques to paint the streets with lace. Her project “City Decor” is all about dressing up the streets of Warsaw, Poland, by adding a little lace of course!

NeSpoon doesn’t use just any lace displays, instead her works of lace art are truly one of a kind. She uses a variety of methods to apply lace patterns throughout her city, in hopes of making the buildings look better, and the future brighter–among other things.

All throughout the city, and even beyond, NeSpoon has left behind some beautiful treasures. Check out the amazing photos of her artwork here!



Many of NeSpoon’s works of art include painted lace patterns, which she creates by spray painting over intricate hand-crafted lace. Spray painting and stencils are far from the only tools NeSpoon uses to splash lace throughout town.


3-D displays bring lace to life with these crocheted lace dollies perfectly attached to everyday things throughout public spaces.


All of her work incorporates lace in some way, but she uses a wide variety of techniques. Her different projects even range to include ceramics. See below, a random brick adorned with NeSpoon’s lace, she hand-makes each piece and calls it “urban jewelry.”


NeSpoon has also been known to use mortar cement to create lace details between the cracks along sidewalks. her wide range of skills seem never ending!


This tree might simply go ignored, but every bit of its beauty shines clear with the lace pattern dollies accenting it. Does anyone else see a romantic harp?

NeSpoon’s street art has expanded out past the walls of Warsaw. Every summer the artist goes on vacation at Oak Beach, located on the Baltic Sea. On one of these trips she decided to bring her “street art” movement to the beach. She now does so by placing her famous lace dollies around the ocean sand, using pieces of wood and other handy gifts from nature to display her unique works of art.

Surprisingly these crochet works in particular remained up and alive for more than a week before the elements got the best of them. Many were taken and moved around the beach, used for other decorative purpose, many ended up on peoples’ camps.

crochet lace

Nespoon’s goal is to bring attention to the raw beauty all around us, I’d say she does a pretty good job!




Her artwork proves that street art can be incredibly smart and bring people together from all walks of life.


As you walk the streets of Warsaw, her hand-crafted webs are inspiring to look at, draped from the trees, attached to a bold rock, or splashed in the center of a busy square.


Everything about NeSpoon’s artwork breaks apart popular ideologies surrounding lace and street art. While lace is sweet and pretty, often thought reserved for the elderly, Nespoon uses lace to dress up gritty, urban city squares. Giving lace a tougher, yet still beautiful, presence.


NeSpoon is using her lace to make old, worn and tired walls look alive again, giving them a new sort of charm.


NeSpoon’s art work can be found indoors and outdoors, all throughout town. I’m curious to see a photo of her house…


NeSpoon says about her ‘urban jewelry’ art work, “Jewelry makes people look pretty, my public jewelry has the same goal, make public places look better.”






Photo Credits: Unearth, ThisIsColossal.com, behance.net,