These Police Dogs In China Wait In Line For Food Better Than Most People


Dogs might seem impatient and compulsive but well trained dogs are anything but. In fact, the world is full of hardworking dogs, including bomb sniffers, search and rescue, police and guide dogs, and that’s just to name a few.

Working dogs show extreme diligence and patience day after day, and so it isn’t so much a surprise that these police dogs in China are able to wait for their food like the most well behaved cutie-pies you have ever seen. Let’s be real, these dogs appear more patient than most people!

This photo of police dogs in China waiting for their dinner was posted to Reddit a couple months ago and has since gone viral. But it’s not the first time dogs have been caught on camera patiently waiting in line for food.

police-dogs-waiting-food-china-1Photo Credit: Reddit

This picture shows a similar line-up of hungry but well-behaved dogs. It was taken during the 1940s in Finland and shows border patrol service dogs waiting in line for dinner.

police-dogs-waiting-food-china-2Photo Credit: Imgur

So the next time someone you know is getting out of line and acting impatient, tell them to channel their inner dog and canine-up!

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