Photos That Will Change The Way You Think About California


Photo Credit: Flickr: 8405114548

Many people who’ve never been to California envision it as a place with golden beaches and beautiful people soaking up the sunshine. While you will find that, this diverse state offers a whole lot more, including an incredible array of wildlife, like these bull elk who are competing for the attentions of a female in Redwood National Park.

Black Bear in Yosemite National Park


Photo Credit: Flickr: 6798321859

While it’s rare to see them during the day, black bear can be spotted in Yosemite National Park.

Cholla Cactus, Joshua Tree National Park


Photo Credit: Flickr: 11737942634

Just after sunrise, the light casts a golden glow over the cholla cactus garden in Joshua Tree National Park making this desert landscape come to life.

Burney Falls, McArthur–Burney Falls Memorial State Park


Photo Credit: Flickr: 8195365750

Stress melts away in the presence of Burney Falls, once called the “Eighth Wonder of the World” by former president Theodore Roosevelt.

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park


Photo Credit: Flickr: 6300136703

Sunshine beaming through the mist at Vernal Falls creates a brilliant rainbow highlighting the beauty of this massive 317-foot waterfall.

Bumpass Hell, Lassen National Park


Photo Credit: Flickr: 3810683288

Yellowstone isn’t the only place to experience spectacular geothermal areas, California has some of its own in Lassen National Park, home to a number of groups of hot springs and fumaroles that are remnants of former volcanic activity.

Monterey Cypress Tree Tunnel, Point Reyes


Photo Credit: Flickr: 9782834233

A signature landscape at Point Reyes station, just north of San Francisco where upon entering the interlocking branches close out the world, as quiet and darkness descend.

Point Reyes Lighthouse, Point Reyes


Photo Credit: Flickr: 6843955862

This picturesque lighthouse is just one of the many sights that await on the other side of the tree tunnel.

McWay Falls, Big Sur Coast


Photo Credit: Flickr: 4744241983

Of course, there are breathtaking beach scenes too, but it’s not always what you might think. Set along the Big Sur coast, McWay Falls plunges onto this idyllic stretch of sand looking as if it were a scene from a tropical island paradise.

Glass Beach, Fort Bragg

glass beach fort bragg

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Or, this beach, made up of glistening sea glass.