20 Touching Before-And-After Photos Of Rescued Cats


Cats are mischievous creatures full of cuddles and purrs. Adopting a cat is a win-win, it’s good for you and it’s good for the cat. There are millions of cats out there in need of a good home, and every day caring animal-lovers put the meow back in a rescued cat’s step.

A while ago we shared 16 before and after photos of rescued dogs, but cats benefit from the kindness of warm-hearted rescuers too. Here are 20 touching before and after photos of rescued cats that show just how much a little love and care can change a cat furever.

1. Justin, The Kitten Turned Beautiful Cat Rescued From A Fire


Photo Credit: justinfiresurvivor

2. New Life For Bunny

When Bunny was first rescued he was covered in wounds caused by electrocution. Only a few months later and Bunny is all healed and 100% healthy.


Photo Credit: queenmab89

3. Mr. Biscuits

Mr. Biscuits tried to escape the cold by climbing up inside of a car engine, but when the car drove away he was badly burned. He is now recovered and never has to worry about being that cold (or hot) again.


Photo Credit: mrbiscuitskitty

4. Kitty Was Found Nearly Dead, Only 1 Month Later She Is Pictured Happy And Healthy


Photo Credit: dadatina

5. Louie Was Rescued From The Gutters

When Louie was only two-weeks-old he was found abandoned in the neighborhood gutter. Louie’s luck turned around after he was rescued; he is now the king of his house.


Photo Credit: biodigital

6. Blind Kitten Turned Healthy Survivor

A local shelter found this little kitten abandoned in a box full of other kittens. Although blind, she was the only one still alive. Today she is healthier, and cutter, than ever.


Photo Credit: imgur

7. Kodama The Rescue Cat

Kodama was rescued after being found with a badly infected wound infested with maggots. 6 years later, and she couldn’t possibly look (or feel) any better.


Photo Credit: what__year_is__this

8. Utopia Was Rescued After Being Found Cold And Soaking Wet Out In The Rain


Photo Credit: kittyarmy.com

9. Scout Was Once A Thin Stray Cat

Today, only one year later, and Scout looks completely different.


Photo Credit: imgur

10. Rescued Cat Before And After


Photo Credit: unknown

11. Stuart Little Before And After

Stuart Little was the size of a Chapstick when he was first rescued; today he is a flourishing kitten.


Photo Credit: sup_moniker

12. Tyrion Before And After

Tyroin was rescued with a bad eye infection; with proper treatment and plenty of love this fluff ball is all better!


Photo Credit: imgur

13. Before And After Rescued Cat


Photo Credit: unknown

14. Spyder Was Rescued From A Drain

The man that found Spyder took her in and gave her a furever home.


Photo Credit: imgur

15. Diamond In The Rough: Nothing Shines Like Love

Once a badly injured and infected feline, Diamond was polished with love and now shines like new.


Photo Credit: Kerri Venoy

16. Benny The Rescued Siamese Cat


Photo Credit: catster.com

17. Bea Was Found Injured On The Side Of The Road

Bea was hit by a car and left on the side of the road when a kind-hearted rescuer changed her fate. That’s Bea before and after; these photos were taken only one month apart.


Photo Credit: imgur

18. Duncan Was Rescued From The Middle Of The Road

Duncan was found injured and left in the middle of the road. Only one year after being rescued and Duncan looks like a completely different cat.


Photo Credit:  marycupcakes

19. Eleanor Was Found In A Dumpster With Bad Injuries

Eleanor now lives a happy life full of purrs, long naps and plenty of fish-flavored treats.


Photo Credit: imgur

20. This Abandoned Kitty Was Begging For Food When She Got A Loving Home To Call Her Own


Photo Credit: Moon Musta