Photographer Mom Turns Her 9-Year-Old Adopted Daughter Into Iconic Characters


Alice-Lewis is a 9-year-old aspiring actress with an adorable charm; she captivates viewers with her eyes, stance, and occasional smile. Although her life appears to be perfect now, this little girl went through a lot to get where she is today. Until she was 7, Alice lived from one foster home to the next, and then the magical day arrived when photographer Kelly Lewis adopted her.

After her adoption, she changed her name to Alice in light of the famous Lewis Carroll character from Alice in Wonderland. Kelly and her daughter Alice bond by putting to use both of their talents, Alice uses her acting talents to model for the camera, while Kelly uses her photography skills to click the perfect shot. The best part is that these two don’t skimp out on any details or props, making every photo into a recreation of different characters. Check out some of the duos’ awesome photos in this post!

Marie Antoinette


When Alice’s mother originally posted photos under the title, “The Misadventures Of A Little Girl Adopted Into A Mad World,” she received a flurry of angry comments online. People were upset that she had even mentioned her daughter’s adopted status. Others complain she is using her daughter’s adopted quality to earn fame.

In reality, no matter what you do there are going to be hatters. Kelly says her and Alice are just going to do as Taylor Swift instructs and shake it off, shake it off! Kelly doesn’t see the issue whatsoever, her daughter is very proud of being adopted. In Kelly’s own words, “It’s part of her identity and I never want her to be ashamed of it. It’s relevant to the portraits we create together because it’s what we do to bond.”

After living with 6 different families until the time she was 7, Alice Lewis feels proud and blessed to have been taken into a wonderful adoptive home she can call her very own.



Alice in Wonderland 

Here Alice plays Alice, her favorite character and the inspiration behind changing her name at the time of her adoption.



Kelly Is Nice Photography -

Alice enjoys cosplay very much, and clearly she is very good at it. Cosplay is the act of dressing up as a character from a book, movie, video game, or TV show. In these photos you can see the talent Alice has for acting. This little girl can go from a sweet looking angel to a scary character like Carry White.

And it’s not just her outfit and props that change. You can see the role of each character coming out in Alice’s eyes and overall demeanor. In other words, this kid can act!

Carrie White 


Little Miss Muffet 


Porcelain Dolly


India Stoker


Besides working towards her goal of being a noted actress someday, Alice also enjoys playing soccer, swing dancing with daddy, drawing, gymnastics, eating cotton candy, playing Mario Bros, and just being a kid.

Wonder Woman


The Summoning 


Dorothy (and Toto!) 


Edward Scissorhands 


Margot Tenenbaum 




Joan of Arc 


On photographer mom Kelly’s Tumblr site, she writes that her blog is a “digital scrapbook of the many adventures in Alice’s life and a collection of things that make her happy. It’s a record to help us remember and for you to enjoy.” On her site you can find a number of other photo shoots, in which Alice portrays other famous faces. Like Lisbeth Salander, the Addams Family, and more.

Hello Sailor!

A sea-worthy portrait of this adorable mother and daughter duo. Keep up the great pictures ladies!


Mother takes inspiring photos of her beautiful one-handed daughter. 

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