Photographer Andy Lee Captures Dark And Lonely Roads All Around The World


Self-described as a “large Welsh fella with camera,” photographer Andy Lee has captured some of the most poetic images of dark and lonely roads from all around the world.

While traveling Lee always looks out for any roads that appear mysterious, dark, or what you might even refer to as ‘spooky.’ When he finds just the right location, he stops to capture a photo. He has recently collaborated all of these awesome photos into a collection titled, “Roads Less Traveled.”

His photo gallery opens up with a quote from Jack Kerouac: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere.” Each image in the collection will leave you with pangs of wanderlust and inspiration. Check out these stunning dark and lonely roads that could lead to anywhere, everywhere, or perhaps nowhere at all…

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland


When Lee is not taking incredible photographs that wow the world, he enjoys raising his two delightful daughters, as well as working as a creative director, filmmaker, painter, and “manic” doodler. Photography is a natural talent for Lee who says he’s been taking photos almost his entire life.

While Lee has always loved photography, his passion didn’t turn into an all out obsession until about 10-years-ago while he was in Ethiopia filming a documentary for a charity. In between working on set, Lee began filling his time by taking photographs of everything he saw of interest.

He writes on his website, “The joy I still get from seeing an image projected onto ground glass, or the smell of developer is enough to keep me shooting with a smile on my face.”

Snæfellsnes peninsula, Iceland

This road is spectacular, and so too is the entire Snæfellsnes peninsula. Stretching 100km-long, there are golden beaches, seaside cliffs, volcanic peaks, hardened lava, and more, all at this one incredible location.


Pembrokeshire, UK


Driving down a dark and lonely ride can be creepy as well as empowering. All on your own and in an unfamiliar location, a dark road can bring to life some of your deepest darkest fears. In other circumstances, a dark road may spark imaginative thoughts, and inspiration.

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Road To The South, Iceland


The main road in Iceland is the Ring Road, but with plenty of pavement to cover and a rather small population, it is easy to find yourself all alone while traveling across Iceland.

There are times when you will drive endlessly without seeing one other person in sight. At least you have the majestic beauty that is exclusive to Iceland on every side of the road to keep you company.

Isle Of Skye, Scotland

This mysterious road is located on Skye, or Isle of Skye, which is the largest island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. Due to the rocky slopes in this area, it is here that you can see some of the most spectacular mountain scenery, as well as some dark and eerie roads…


outside Höfn, Iceland


The town of Höfn is quite small with only 1,691 residents. This isn’t a tourist town, instead it’s more of a supply hub, as it is the only town for many miles. Still, as this photo proves, there are many reasons worth driving through this beautiful Icelandic village.

Road To The West, Iceland


West Iceland


Hebrides, Scotland


‘Wiggle’ Iceland


The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges is a popular tourist attraction due to the spectacular natural formation of the beech trees along this road. Originally planted back in the eighteenth century by the Stuart family as an ornate entry way to their home, the trees still stand victorious as one of the most highly photographed locations in all of Ireland.


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