More Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Do A Double Take

perfectly timed photos

You can take photos all day long but the chances of capturing something truly odd, ironic, coincidental, or out of this world is not all that likely. Once in a blue moon though our cameras capture something too good to be true, otherwise known as a perfectly timed photo.

The perfectly timed photos on this list are awesome for so many different reasons, but what they all have in common is the ability to make you smile. Enjoy!

1. Just Part Of The Winged Pack

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-23__700Photo Credit: DanRobson1 

2. Dragonfly Lands In Perfect Spot And Mirrors Tattoo

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-19__700Photo Credit: Callyzone

3. Bubble Dog

Freeze-frame trapped this dog in a bubble!

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-25__700Photo Credit: Fizzgig11

4. Now We Understand Your License Plate!

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-20__700Photo Credit: airbrat

5. The Day The Roller Coaster Kept Going And Launched Off Into Space…

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-6__700Photo Credit: Octacle

6. Unexpected Female Guest At The Bonfire

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-24__700Photo Credit: Jiryn 

7. Sutro Tower in San Francisco Looks Like The Top Of The Flying Dutchman

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-43__700Photo Credit:

8. Pro Catcher + Perfect Timing = Awesome Photo Of Bohemian-waxwing

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-57__700Photo Credit: Sindri Skúlason

9. Supermoon Shot Taken In Dubai

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-18__700Photo Credit: MO AOUN PHOTO

10. Unintentional Photo Bomber, Looks Like His Hand Is On Her Shoulder

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-40__700Photo Credit: 

11. Sailor Moon

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-22__700Photo Credit: Psy_phi

12. Forget Walking On Water, This Guy Can Breakdance On Water

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-31__700Photo Credit:

13. A Real Life Centaur

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-29__700Photo Credit: verguy 

14. Berta The Dog With Antlers

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-1__700Photo Credit: Boriana Kovacheva

15. Little Baby Feet Aren’t Usually This Scary

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-3__700Photo Credit: MonogamousMindy

16. I Wouldn’t Go Swimming At Tuileries Garden In Paris

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-17__700Photo Credit: David Felberg

17. They Say Her Husband Is A Real Hoot

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-8__700Photo Credit: Meghan McNeer

18. Patriotic Bubbly Offers Glass Of Freedom

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-34__700Photo Credit: doublebeatloaf

19. This Cat Farts Rainbows

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-21__700Photo Credit: nicholasm00

20. Do You Wear Glasses? No, Just Bubbles!

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-56__700Photo Credit: bbrownell1991

21. Perfectly Timed Underwater Photo

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-27__700Photo Credit: HBH91

22. Fashionable Bird

funny-perfectly-timed-photos-461__700Photo Credit:

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