20 Photos Guaranteed To Annoy The Perfectionist In You


Broken patterns, imperfect symmetry and counter intuitive placement drive most people bonkers. We are naturally attracted to symmetrical things. There’s a little perfectionist in all of us that craves a sense of order, it’s what makes us feel safe and sound. When something is off it makes us do a double take, as we think and question its existence entirely… are those picture frames straight or am I losing my mind?

Careless mistakes or lack of attention to detail can turn a great looking project into an absolute nightmare. Even if you think of yourself as laid back and maybe even a little messy there is still a perfectionist in you, so get ready to feel the itch of irritancy looking at these far from perfect pics.

1. You Had One Job

annoying-photos-ocd-411__605Photo Credit: ImSecretlyAfraidOfLlamas

2. What Do You Mean I Messed Up The Pattern?

annoying-photos-ocd-13__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

3. So Close To Perfect… But Why?!

annoying-photos-ocd-81__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

4. Who Let Him Cut The Cake Again?

annoying-photos-ocd-34__605Photo Credit: imgur.com 

5. “Just Noticed This In The Living Room”

annoying-photos-ocd-12__605Photo Credit: shitstormtrooper 

6. Backwards Benches… Oh My

annoying-photos-ocd-91__605Photo Credit: Mesolimbic

7. These Tiles Make Me Dizzy

annoying-photos-ocd-27__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

8. Maybe They Were Going For The Decapitated Lady Look?

annoying-photos-ocd-53__605Photo Credit: jaimsvanderbeek 

9. That Feeling You Get When You Just Know Something Is Off…

annoying-photos-ocd-42__605Photo Credit: Unknown

10. The One Person You NEVER Want To Share Gum With… Or Anything Else

annoying-photos-ocd-33__605Photo Credit: Unknown

11. It Takes A Serious Case Of Laziness To Pull This Off

annoying-photos-ocd-611__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

12. What’s Even Going On Here?

annoying-photos-ocd-311__605Photo Credit: Kalesche

13. The Real Coke Vs. Pepsi Challenge

annoying-photos-ocd-55__605Photo Credit: Unknown

14. All Of The Lights Are Turned Off (And Switch Screws Don’t Match Up)

annoying-photos-ocd-41__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

15. Where Did You Come From?

annoying-photos-ocd-56__605Photo Credit: Unknown

16. “My Wife Is A Monster”

annoying-photos-ocd-22__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

17. One Is The Loneliest Number

51b81486-e8ad-4c36-af40-182e92722b7f__605Photo Credit: Azaa khan

18. Almost Perfect But Not Quite…

annoying-photos-ocd-60__605Photo Credit: Unknown

19. Wasteful, Impractical, Dysfunctional Packaging

annoying-photos-ocd-101__605Photo Credit: EnterGreenGoose

20. One Staggered Paper Towel Dispenser For Every Sink…. And Then Some

(Clearly, there must have been a deal for buying in bulk.)

annoying-photos-ocd-16__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

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