Perfect Imperfection: Photographer Documents The Rare Beauty Of Animals With Disabilities

Rupert is a 3-legged rescue kitten.


This baby dove rescued by Todd and Kristy Gogol required an eye and partial skull amputation related to an infection.


The other dog this series is dedicated to is Rowdy. The gorgeous and beloved pet had her front legs removed due to aggressive cancer. RIP


Bali Pip suffers from mange, he is on is way to health and recovery at the Bali Animal Welfare Association.


Meet Spike, a pink and grey Galah rescued by Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary


3-legged puppy rescued by the Bali Animal Welfare Association


Andie suffered from mange when he was rescued by the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA.


Before being rescued and adopted through RSPCA WA, beautiful Barbara was abused and received head and skull injuries.


Ray Charles was born with out properly formed eyes. He was saved by Saving Animals From Euthanasia (SAFE) Perth.


Snoopy the 3-legged beagle owes his life to the Dogs’ Refuge Home of WA

Snoopy-3-legs1__880Photo Credits: Facebook

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