Perfect Imperfection: Photographer Documents The Rare Beauty Of Animals With Disabilities


Dogs, cats, birds and humans, no matter your species chances are you are not perfect. It’s what makes you imperfect that makes you special. One talented Australian animal photographer is proving just that with his latest photo series called Perfect Imperfection.

Alex Cearns of Houndstooth Studio is focusing his camera lens on animals with disabilities to show the unique beauty they posses, and to prove their disabilities do not define them.

Cats without limbs, dogs born without eyes, no matter the disability Cearns focuses on producing images that make any disability an afterthought as opposed to the focal point. With or without all four legs dogs and cats learn how to adapt and roll with it. Even if an animal is disabled they are no different, less fun, or unworthy.

Cearns said, “One of my most passionate aims as an animal photographer is to capture the adorable subtleties that make all creatures precious and unique. I love every animal I have the privilege of photographing, but those perceived as “different” hold a special place in my heart. These are the creatures who have lost a leg, been born without eyes, or are still showing the scars of former abuse. Most animals with “afflictions” don’t dwell on them. They adapt to their bodies without complaint and they survive with determination. They push on, always, wanting to be included and involved in everything as much as they can, and as much as an able bodied pet does.”

Cearns dedicated ‘Perfect Imperfections’ to Savannah and Rowdy. Two amazing dogs included in this series that lived with dignity and joy but are no longer with us here on Earth. RIP.