Artist Uses Millions Of Dots To Create Complex Pen Drawings


There are countless ways to create art, and results vary tremendously depending on technique. Kyle Leonard (also known as K.A.L) is an artist from California with a unique method of drawing breathtaking pen drawings. Leonard uses millions of dots to form the drawings he completes.

Leonard’s complex process, or as he calls it his “method of madness” is known as pointillism. All of those tedious dots pay off when you see the end product, a highly detailed masterpiece with a unique photographic quality unlike traditional pen drawings.

Leonard often uses two or three elements in a single drawing, all of which come together to create one surreal scene. For instance, a tree is never just a tree, but instead might be lined with tiny buildings. No matter the drawing, all of Leonard’s work flows together to create a story that intrigues and delights.

The artist behind the dots seeks inspiration from the natural world as well as politics, especially policies that impact the ways the environment is treated. He is also “inspired by many different artists like Escher, Haeckel, and street artists like Alexis Diaz and phlegm.”

Leonard said, “I draw everyday as a creative outlet and for the meditative quality of it… I spend about 6 to 100 hours on each piece depending on size and complexity. My main method of drawing is stippling but I also use cross hatching.”

surreal-stippling-dot-art-kyle-leonard-51surreal-stippling-dot-art-kyle-leonard-210“Create what you enjoy creating not what you think others will appreciate.”surreal-stippling-dot-art-kyle-leonard-39

“I spend about 6 to 100 hours on each piece depending on size and complexity.”

surreal-stippling-dot-art-kyle-leonard-131surreal-stippling-dot-art-kyle-leonard-61“No one is born an amazing artist. They are made through years of practice and patience.”


You can purchase Kyle Leonard’s pen drawings in prints, tote bags and more on his Society6 shop.

Photo Credits: Instagram, Society6Deviantart

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