Out of this World Places You Wish You Could Teleport To Right Now


Photo Credit: funmozar.com

Who hasn’t wished for a teleporter? Teleportation has been the holy grail of transport for decades, ever since Scotty first beamed up Captain Kirk and his crew in the opening episode of Star Trek back in 1966. If you’re sitting in a tiny cubicle, or stuck anywhere between four walls, you probably catch yourself dreaming of being on a beautiful beach, swimming underneath a tropical waterfall, or just about anywhere other than where you are right now – at least occasionally. If you haven’t, these truly out of this world places are sure to make you wonder if someone, somewhere, someday, will ever really invent a teleporter that can take you there in an instant – like Erawan Falls in Thailand, pictured above.

San Antonio Suites, Santorini, Greece


Photo Credit: sanantonio-santorini

This small luxury hotel is set within the heart of Caldera’s dramatic plateau. Incised into volcanic rock at 328 feet above sea level, it offers an impressive, totally unobstructed views of the Caldera and the glistening sapphire Aegean Sea.

Trolltunga, Norway



Photo Credit: Caters via Daily Mail

Can you imagine standing at this point known as the “troll’s tongue?” It was formed during the ice age when glacial water froze a chunk of the mountain, causing it to break off and leave a thin protruding ledge which hovers above the lake below, offering the opportunity to take in some of Norway’s most magnificent scenery.

Ireland coast

Ireland coast beaches

Photo Credit: discovernorthernireland

Or, you could be in Ireland, standing on a cliff overlooking the striking Atlantic waters.

Uunartoq Island, Greenland

Iceland hot spring

Photo Credit: acidpotion

How about soaking in hot springs on Greenland’s Uunartoq Island surrounded by spectacular mountain scenery?

Los Roques, Venezuela


Photo Credit: natoura

Maybe you just want the quintessential island experience – a pristine stretch of powdery white sand at the edge of clear, warm waters all to yourself. At Los Roques, there are no high rises or cruise ships docking here – only practically limitless strikingly white sands surrounded by clear waters that are the home to 280 species of fish and nearly 100 different bird species.