Adorable Orphaned Wallaby Gets Love From Teddy Bear Hugs


Photo Credit: Tim Beshara

Earlier this week, Tim Beshara from Australia posted a picture on Twitter of an orphaned wallaby named Doddlebug. The adorable creature was seen sweetly hugging his teddy bear. Doodlebug lives in New South Wales and is cared for by Gillian Abbott, Beshara’s mother.

Apparently the cuddly little guy has been using the stuffed animal as a substitute for the motherly love its missing.

Beshara wrote, “Showing the value of a good hug, especially for an orphaned wallaby,” – though some have been quick to point out that Doodlebug is actually an eastern grey kangaroo and not a wallaby. Regardless of his species, there is no doubt that Doodlebug is adorable, and winning hearts around the world.

With so much negative media coverage, we can all use something that makes us smile, so it’s not all that surprising that the pic has since gone viral, getting thousands of retweets and favorites. Numerous media outlets across the globe have covered the story – as of Thursday, August 6th, it’s been shared via Twitter nearly 150,000 times.

Fortunately for all of us Beshara’s mom had her camera handy, because this was a moment not to be missed.

Looks like Doodlebug will be getting as many hugs as he needs to make it to adulthood.