Meet 10 Orphan Boys That Share What Little Food They Have With The Dogs They Adopted


Photographer Sam Edmonds was in Dhaka, Bangladesh attending the Chobi Mela Photo Festival when he came across Robindra Shorbod, a park in the South West of Dhaka. At this small park Edmonds discovered 10 orphan boys that call the park home alongside their 10 dogs.

The boys have found many ways to make ends meet, such as begging for money on the streets and collecting plastic to sell for recycling. Despite the sparse resources they have, the children have chosen to share with their dogs.

Throughout the festival Edmonds continually returned to the park to hang out with the orphan boys and their dogs. He was curious to learn about their daily routines and methods of survival. At the end of the week he decided to take portraits of the boys with their best friends, the 10 dogs with which they share every bit of the little food they have.

Edmonds writes on Bored Panda, “In each of these portraits, the Robindra boys are individuals. But together they become members of a family. A family of two species and members of each species that have been swept aside in one of the world’s largest cities. These portraits show the strength, resilience and most of all, the camaraderie between these orphaned kids and the dogs they have adopted.”

Edmonds told the boys not to pose for their photo, instead he wanted them to simply enter the frame with their favorite companion and just do whatever came natural. “What these portraits speak about is the ability of these kids – so socioeconomically deprived – to shine as an exemplary of companionship between these two species.”

You can purchase prints of these photos through Edmonds’ website. Profits from sales go directly to funding a follow-up project on the Robindra Boys and supporting Obhoyaronno in 2016.

Osman with Tiger


Noyon with Bullet


Rabi with Kalu


Shakil with Jax


Sumaia with Tiger


Ladin with Michael


Rubel with Romeo


Al Amin with Michael

IMG_6697__880Photo Credits: samedmondsphoto.comInstagram

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