21 Of The Oldest Cats Adopted By The Kindest People


Adopting any animal is a rewarding and fulfilling experience that will bring so much joy to you and your new animal. Unfortunately for old cats, many people come to shelters looking to adopt a young cat or kitten. That means that the oldest cats are the first to be euthanized at kill shelters.

If only people realized that older cats can make the greatest pets of all. For one, they are already house trained and socialized. Sure, older cats are more likely to have certain diseases but most cats live very long and healthy lives. If you adopt a senior feline you are sure to enjoy many awesome years together. After all, haven’t you heard that cats have nine lives?

Let these 21 kind-hearted adoptees inspire you to give the oldest cats at your local shelter a shot, you might just find your new favorite furry companion—no litter box training required!

1. An older woman adopted the white cat in the middle at 19-years-old

XX-Old-Adopted-Cats-11__605Photo Credit: lazespud 

2. Adorable Lil’ T was adopted at 10-years-old

old-adopted-cat-27__605Photo Credit: Tiacat10

3. “My son and I adopted a 10+ year old cat who used to live in the park.”

old-adopted-cat-28__605Photo Credit: agskaali

4. 8-year-old cat adopted from local rescue. This photo was taken only 10-minutes after being brought to his new home.

old-adopted-cat-191__605Photo Credit: UniBrr

5. “Fulfilled a life goal of mine today and adopted the oldest cat at the local shelter.”

old-adopted-cat-2__605Photo Credit: imgur.com 

6. Meet 15-year-old Zeta, she was adopted 5-years-ago from the vet clinic her mommy works at

old-adopted-cat-20__605Photo Credit: tokitorii

7. “A friend of mine just adopted this 6-year-old cat, and this is how she waits for her food.”

old-adopted-cat-1__605Photo Credit: rachelpurrmeow

8. Cat’s don’t care about age. This cat adopted this 102-year-old woman.

old-adopted-cat-37__605Photo Credit: Barbara T. Bates

9. Venture was adopted at 14-years-old, but he doesn’t look a day over 5!

XX-Old-Adopted-Cats-__605Photo Credit: LeelooDallasSupremeBeing

10. Pretty kitty named Pumpkin adopted at 9-years-old from shelter

old-adopted-cat-31__605Photo Credit: haley13

11. This cutie-pie was adopted from a shelter at 9-years-old. Her owner writes, “She hasn’t left my side since.”

old-adopted-cat-23__605Photo Credit: tinikay

12. This cat was adopted at 4-years-old. “She hated all the toys except one.”

XX-Old-Adopted-Cats-3__605Photo Credit: imgur.com 

13. “Just adopted my first cat. He is 11-years-old!” (and huge)

old-adopted-cat-21__605Photo Credit: EvilMartha

14. Beautiful 13-year-old cat named Q-tip adopted into new loving home

XX-Old-Adopted-Cats-4__605Photo Credit: meowbandit

15. “We adopted an 8-year-old cat from the shelter because he stole our hearts with his cuddles.”

XX-Old-Adopted-Cats-8__605Photo Credit: HerpBlvd

16. Recently adopted 15-year-old feline

old-adopted-cat-35__605Photo Credit: ElectricHerpes

17. Ethan was 7-years-old when his doting owners adopted him

old-adopted-cat-30__605Photo Credit: SpeedballaOne

18. Pretty lil 11-year-old cat gets a new chance at life

old-adopted-cat-4__605Photo Credit: kolop1

19. 7-year-old cat photographed the same day of adoption

XX-Old-Adopted-Cats-9__605Photo Credit: Rollerbladdin

20. 6-year-old Floyd was stuck living at the shelter for months before he was finally adopted, and now look how happy he is!

old-adopted-cat-17__605Photo Credit: imgur.com

21. “My new roomie 18-year-old Mr. Salem Schmusel”

IMG_3038__605Photo Credit: Soluna Lavendra

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