Magically Beautiful Ocean Wave Vases Created By California Couple


The power of the ocean comes to life with these awesome ocean wave vases made by talented glass artists Marsha Blaker and Paul DeSomma. Based out of Santa Cruz, California, Marsha and Paul work together to create ultra-realistic glass ocean wave vases that will take your breath away.

The vase details are absolutely breathtaking, every last one. The vase rises up higher on one side and crashes down lower on the opposite side.

Marsha and Paul met while attending the Pilchuck Glass School in 1989, the two talented glass makers ended up falling in love with more than one another’s work, they also fell in love with each other. The pair was married in 1991, and ten years later, in 1991, they opened their glass shop for business.

This stunning glass ocean wave vase is only one of the many incredible pieces they have created together; the pair also work on individual projects as well.


It’s unbelievable to realize it is actually a vase; I’m not even sure what type of flowers would do this majestic artwork justice.


Marsha seeks inspiration from colors and textures found out within marine environments. Paul has a more minimalistic style and most enjoys free hand glass sculpting. Together, these two talented artists sure know how to make an incredible piece of artwork.

The two have their differences but they also have a lot in common, such as their love for nature, the ocean, and “ice crackling cold” beer. The pair also shares a love for Italian food.


You can find some of the pair’s awesome artwork at Kela’s, a glass shop located in Kauai, Hawaii. The pair is currently collaborating with Kela’s, which opened for business in 1994. Kela’s has been nominated year after year as one of the Niche Top 100 Craft Retailers in the entire country; a fact in tribute to the true talent and beauty behind this couple’s ocean wave vases.




If you like what you see here, make sure and check out the dynamic duo’s website.

Photo Credits: Blaker-DeSomma Glass Facebook