These Nut-Hugging Bear Cookies Are Almost Too Cute To Eat


What was your favorite cookie growing up, what’s your favorite cookie today? It’s not just how a great cookie tastes, but also how it makes you feel inside. It’s a proven medical fact that too much sugar is bad for your body, but a healthy dose of delicious cookies can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Some cookies are clearly better than others, some tastier, and others just oh so much cuter.

Maa Tamagosan takes the cake, or rather the cookies, when it comes to edible treats that look as cute as they taste. The Japanese cook has been trained by French chiefs, giving her a unique range of background cooking experience to rely on. Her teddy bear cookies are clutching tight to all kinds of nuts, as if collecting their treasures before hibernating in the winter.

Imagine all of the fun you can have baking these cookies, you can keep them just as Tamagosan designed, or you can give your cookies a touch of your own creative flair. After all, you can tuck just about anything at the center of their arms, for a cookie as unique as you are! These cookies are almost too cute to eat–then again, they look SO delicious! Find out how to make your own adorable bear cookies, Tamagosan’s original recipe is included below.


Thanks to numerous English translations floating around the web, you too can make the Japanese recipe–delighting both the young and old alike! Here is how you make the deliciously adorable cookies:

1. Set oven to 320 degrees F

2. Combine 110g cake flour, 20g potato starch, a dash of salt and mix

3. In a the same bowl stir together 40g beet sugar syrup, 10g honey, and 30g vegetable oil

4. Use parchment paper and a rolling pin to spread out the dough nice and thin, but not too thin!

5. Using a bear cookie cutter to form as many bear shaped cookies as your desire

6. Use a toothpick or nail dot pen to create the holes for the eyes and nose on the face.

7. Insert any kind of nut and then carefully fold the doughy arms over it

7. Take pieces of leftover dough to craft the tail, or other creative accessories you want to add

8. Place on baking sheet in a preheated oven for 10 minutes. Make sure to check on and off because every oven is slightly different.

9. Enjoy the cutest cookies on the block!


Flat rolled dough can be perfectly transformed into any shape you desire thanks to the ultimate invention: cookie dough cutters! I don’t know about you, but I’m all about these bears! Still, if bears are not your favorite animal, give your cookies a twist and get cookie cutters that represent any animal you want, simply using the inspiration from Maa Tamagosan’s original idea.


You can use a number of different handy tools around the kitchen to craft little holes for the eyes and nose.


After cutting out the cookies, take the leftover dough and form a little round tail to be applied on back. Once the tails are ready to go, flip the cookie back over and place your almond, or nut of choice, at the center of the bear chest.


Now is the time to carefully craft those arms so that they reach over and clutch the nut in their grasp.


All set for the oven! Time to get excited, it’s only minutes until you will smell the sweet scent of freshly baking homemade cookies.


Equal parts cute and delicious, these cookies are sure to be the favorite at any party or family gathering. Happy eating!


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