Super Cool New York Art Installation Lets Adults Indulge Their Inner Child

balls final

Photo Credits: @pearada Colorfly Pearlfisher  Pei Ketron

Ball pits aren’t just for kids. In fact, an increasing number have been popping up, allowing adults to indulge their inner child by letting lose and just having fun. This is the latest, an interactive New York art installation put together by creative agency Pearlfisher. The massive ball pit is filled with 81,000 plastic balls.

Unlike other ball-filled playgrounds that are often filled with brightly colored balls, this one is a sea of white that’s both playful and relaxing, and specifically made for adults.

The installation first made its successful debut in the U.K., before making its way to the U.S. The JumpIn! ball pit that’s being showcased in New York City aims to help adults “retain their childlike enthusiasm.” The company says “In taking this interactive exhibit around the world, it hopes to remind visitors that playing around can positively promote creative thinking. While diving into a sea of plastic balls may seem childish, it does allow grown-ups to unwind after a stressful day at work. It gives them a sense of freedom and reinforces the fact that a work-life balance is extremely important.”

Unfortunately, time is running out if you hope to experience it. JumpIn! will be at 455 Broadway in New York City from through September 21, and reservations are required. We’ll have to hope they bring it back in the near future!


Photo Credits: @oliviakcb