New Playful Underwater Puppy Photo Shot By Seth Casteel


Dogs that love to play in the pool truly love nothing more! They will dive in over and over, enjoying the splash of the water, and the thrill of chasing their ball through the self-made waves. Seth Casteel is a popular photographer, best known for his underwater photo series that shows off dogs in action underwater.

Based out of both New York and Los Angeles, Seth has a way of taking the happiest, and dog-gone cutest photos of pups playing in the water. His latest underwater photos are the most precocious things I have ever seen! Check these splash-happy pups out for a good free grin.


Seth is a self-trained photographer with some incredible talents behind the lens. Back in 2010 Seth was photographing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in a client’s backyard, and all the dog wanted to do was jump in the pool. Seth worked around the dog’s agenda, snapping picture after picture of him diving into the blue oasis.

Throughout the process he began to wonder what it looked like from underwater when the dog splashed down. These thoughts stayed with him long after the photo shoot, prompting him to find out. He started off purchasing a little underwater camera, and with the first photos the original Underwater Dogs series was born.


It looks like a walk around Dog Park to photograph cute pups splashing in pools all day, but Seth admits there were plenty of challenges. For starters, unlike dogs, these puppies were not trained to swim. Leaving Seth responsible to teach over 1,500 puppies how to paddle through the water using their powerful 4-legs.

It takes a lot of time for puppies to build confidence in the pool, and in order for Seth to get pictures of them diving in the water the canines had to be confident. Seth says that most puppies only wanted to swim for a few minutes at a time, but there were other wee ones that started jumping in and playing with toys on their own–that’s when the great photos were snapped.

If you look closely, in some of the photos the puppies look a bit doubtful, while other dogs look like natural born swimmers–sort of like a group of kids learning to swim for the first time!


Seth’s origins are just as humble as the cutest of canines. He was originally using his gift of photography to take pictures of homeless pets in hopes of finding them a fur-ever home–dog bless him! His ability to capture each dog’s personality helped countless pups find a human to love and adore them.

Since then, Seth’s career has truly taken off and he has worked with many big (and little) names creating stunning projects.


Today Seth travels the world working with different dogs, always trying to capture yet another perfect photo to make the world smile. He is also busy spreading the message about his non-profit campaign, One Picture Saves a Life. His organization is set up in order to inspire animal adoption and rescue facilities, enlightening them on how photography can increase adoptions and empowerment for the pups.



Seth is currently 33-years old and lives in Venice Beach, California. If you are wondering, he does have a dog of his own, a rescue of course! Baby Nala and Seth are best buds, people even say that they look alike.



His first book, “Underwater Dogs” was a best seller that captivated many fans. Already people are anticipating the release of his next book, “Underwater Puppies” which is scheduled to be released in just a few days, on September 16th.


See what happens when dogs throw a paw-party in the pool! 

Photo Credits: Facebook,, Instagram, Barnes & Noble