NASA Has Just Released The Largest, Clearest Picture Ever Captured Of Our Universe


Thanks to NASA we now have this incredible 1.5 billion-pixel image (69,536 x 22,230) of our closest galactic neighbor, Andromeda Galaxy (M31). Recognized as the largest NASA Hubble Space Telescope image ever, the latest footage of M31 offers a sweeping bird’s-eye view over a large portion of the distant galaxy. Although M31 is our closest neighbor, it’s still located over 2 million light-years from planet earth. You can see the jaw-dropping video footage below.

On a clear night Andromeda is visible from earth, and humans have observed it with great interest and speculation since ancient times. You can see the galaxy in the upper right corner of the photo below, squared off in red:


Zoom in a little closer on that bright region in the sky and you will see the massive spread of M31. The bird’s-eye view footage of Andromeda focuses on the portion of the galaxy outlined in red below:


The Hubble Space Telescope is so powerful it was able to capture an amazingly clear image, even identifying individual stars. Andromeda galaxy is packed with double the stars of our galaxy. To put this into perspective, imagine photographing a beach and trying to capture individual grains of sand.


Now hold on tight and get ready to shake up your universe! As this footage grants you the largest, clearest bird’s-eye view of our neighboring galaxy. This humbling footage, made up of 7,398 exposures taken over 411 individual pointings, journeys over 40,000 light years through 100-million stars. Prepared to be amazed:

Photo Credit: NASA