The Mysterious Lives Of Cats Captured In Black And White Photography


If you have a pet cat you can attest to just how odd and strange cats truly are. One moment they are purring, smiling, rubbing up against you, and the next they launch out and attack.

Cats are funny creatures, and while they are known for being ‘independent’ some cats are actually incredibly needy. They want food, love, play time, cat nip, and plenty of toys to scratch those long claws on.

Dogs have the better reputation when it comes to being sweet and cuddly, although a cat’s brain is modeled more like a human brain than a dog brain. The emotional part of a cat’s brain greatly mimics a human, meaning your cat has a lot of fluffy feelings–perhaps that’s where the attitude comes into play.

These black and white images of cats highlight just how unique and mysterious the feline truly is.


Quiet as a kitty, quick as a cat… cats are superior hunters, they can catch a mouse or something as small as a fly.


Does anyone else hear horror music right about now?


Did you know that cats have a dominant paw, just like you have  a dominant hand? Research hints that male cats are usually left-pawed and female cats are usually right-pawed. If you pay careful attention you will likely start to notice which paw your cat uses as their dominant aid.


Cats are actually really fast, and can run speeds that reach up to 31 miles per hour.


Cats are more likely to meow at humans than they are at other cats.


The technical name for a group of cats is known as “clowder”


In the Mediterranean island of Cyprus a 9.500 year-old grave was dug up belonging to a pet cat. Meaning humans and cats have co-existed for many many years.


Cats are super heroes and they really do have 9 lives, In fact if your cat was stranded on an island with only salt water to drink, they could still survive. Kitty kidneys are strong enough to filter out the salts and hydrate via salt water.


Talk about a cat nap, on average cats sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day. Although that means they spend a large percentage of their life sleeping, they are not ‘fast’ asleep like us humans. Instead, cats are partially aware of what is going on most of the time they are caught dozing off.


The reason cats sleep so much is because they are saving up energy to catch their next meal. While the domesticated cat has it easy when it comes to food, their natural instincts still pressure them to get plenty of beauty rest.


Cats are more likely to meow at humans than they are at other cats.


Cats love to play in plants



Cats are incredible pets, but there’s no way I would ever want to be spotted as cat prey–cats be crazy!







There is nothing cats love more than a good box to play in!




Mother cats always cart their babies around by holding onto the back of their neck with their teeth. It looks vicious and uncomfortable, but baby kitties have a lot of extra skin here.




If you are not home now, chances are your cat is partially snoozing, and partially waiting for you to return–hopefully with a bag full of tuna treats!


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