Stunning Mural Painted Upside-Down On Purpose To Reflect Off Of The Water


This beautiful mural painted upside-down isn’t any ordinary painting near the water. Instead, the talented New York-based artist behind this mural had deeper intentions when he decided to create his artwork upside-down. Ray Bartkus painted the breathtaking mural in Marijampolė, a Lithuanian city, so that the water would reflect the art and become the true canvas.

The swimmers, swans and rowers portrayed in the beautiful mural are upside-down so that they are reflected right side up in the Šešupė River that runs throughout the center of the city.

upside-down-street-art-malonny-ray-bartkus-2__880Here is the artist hard at work on his unique mural. While it is actually painted on the side of a building, the artwork comes alive on the surface of the water.

upside-down-street-art-malonny-ray-bartkus-4__880upside-down-street-art-malonny-ray-bartkus-3__880upside-down-street-art-malonny-ray-bartkus-1__880The image pictured above has gotten heat for obvious digital altercations, perhaps used to help highlight how the painting appears first hand. According to those that have seen the mural painted upside-down in person they say it looks just as impressive in real life.

In proof, below is a completely unaltered photo taken by Jurgita Azukaityte showing how well the mural reflects onto the water, turning right side up. Even without any Photoshop affects you can clearly see the divers, swimmers and aquatic life as if they were painted directly onto the river’s surface.

upside-down-street-art-malonny-ray-bartkus-10Photo Credits:, Bored Panda

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