Clocky The Motorized Alarm Clock Runs Away So You Can’t Hit The Snooze Button


I have a love-hate relationship with the snooze button on my alarm clock. When I’m dead asleep and my alarm is buzzing me to wake up I LOVE hitting the snooze button and falling back into a deep slumber. When I wake up 30 minutes (or more) later than planned I start to hate the snooze button with a passion… how could you let me sleep in again?!

If oversleeping your alarm is a regular occurrence you need Clocky, made by Nanda Home the motorized alarm clock runs away from you so you can’t repeatedly hit the snooze button. Since Clocky takes off on wheels while beeping and flashing throughout your room you literally have to get up to turn it off. Once you’re up and out of the covers it’s much easier to keep going through the motions of the morning, as opposed to crawling back into bed and oversleeping.

Clocky isn’t as harsh as she sounds, she does allow you one good ol’ snooze before leaping off your nightstand and taking off like a noisy banshee through your house. Clocky can survive falls from up to 3 feet high, just make sure there’s no glass of water in the way or else Clocky might knock it over.

clocky-motorized-alarm-clock-nanda-home-210The awesome alarm clock for grown-ups and kids operates on basic AAA batteries. After diving off your nightstand Clocky will continue beeping and flashing as it races around on its little white wheels.

clocky-motorized-alarm-clock-nanda-home-71If you sleep with your bedroom door open you just might have to chase Clocky all the way downstairs! Good luck going back to sleep after getting in some cardio.

clocky-motorized-alarm-clock-nanda-home-9If need be, you can disable Clocky’s wheels as well as the one-time snooze feature.

clocky-motorized-alarm-clock-nanda-home-61clocky-motorized-alarm-clock-nanda-home-80For only $40 you can have your own motorized alarm clock named Clocky, which comes in a variety of fun colors. Buy now on

Photo Credits: Amazon