Mother Takes Inspiring Photos Of Her Beautiful One-Handed Daughter


The day her daughter was born, Holly Spring’s world was forever changed. Any newborn baby completely morphs a family dynamic, but when the baby has health problems these changes are magnified.

Holly Spring’s baby girl was born with Hirschsprung’s Disease, and she was also missing her left hand. Hirschsprung’s Disease is acquired at birth and involves missing nerve cells in all, or parts, of a baby’s colon muscles. Treatment of the disorder almost always requires surgery. Finding her daughter in and out of the hospital constantly, Holly nearly lost her baby several painful times.

As an artist and photographer the dedicated mother realized she had to do something in order to document her daughter, because you just never know how much time you have. These inspiring photos show off the true beauty and grace her daughter possess, along with the natural talent Holly has behind the camera.


Holly started out taking her pictures using an everyday camera, and no DSLR. She admits it was difficult to get great shots without any control of the lighting. And so she realized in order to do things right, she needed a good camera. The first official camera Holly went out and bought was a Canon Kiss X4, which she started shooting in Manual mode.


Holly considers her daughter to be her “muse,” and together, this mother and daughter duo let their imaginations run wild, as they think up photos full of wonder and love. While hospital visits and health concerns still linger around every corner, the Spring family can take it all in stride as these issues pale in comparison to the beauty, joy, and grace their daughter possesses. Not only in photos but also in real life.


Despite her struggles from birth, her daughter is still full of light and love, something that radiates through her gorgeous little self in every photo. In fact, you are so distracted by how cute she is, and how gorgeous the photo is, you don’t even notice she’s missing an arm. When you do notice, it makes her all the more perfect.

Holly’s goal with her photos is to teach her daughter that no matter the struggles present in your life, no challenge is too great, and you can achieve anything you put your mind to.


“My daughter is my muse and my heart that inspires me to follow my passion and share these unique photos and digital art with you.” Holly writes on her website.


Holly also writes on her website, “There are things that really make a photo to me. A moment of heart felt expression given or recored, a story, a mystery, beautiful light, beautiful colour, and when I’m shooting kids, it’s eyes full of wonder!”

Eyes are a big part of Holly’s work, she looks into them for the inspiration, the answer when she should click the lens on her camera to life. She often combines multiple photos into one work of art, these photos are often taken at different times of the year and then come together much later in unexpected ways.


Holly also photographs other children, just like she does her own beautiful daughter. She likes to add a touch of whimsical magic to each photo she takes. She offers Whimsical Fine Art Commissions and commercial photo shoots.

In the photo below, Holly admits she used some photo editing so that her daughter’s missing arm is photoshopped to be on the right side of her body instead of the left, this was for creative purposes.


Just this year, in 2014, Holly’s photographs were granted the NZIPP/EPSON Iris Portrait Creative Photographer of the Year award. Go Holly Springs, your work is incredible!


Image Credits: Holly Spring, 500px, Facebook