Moss Graffiti: The Coolest DIY Project Ever


The latest take on graffiti street art is going green! Moss graffiti is the most sustainable way to adorn the streets, both private and public, with clever sayings, pictures, and other forms of meaningful text–all while adding a little extra green to planet earth.

While spray paint cans are toxic to the environment, moss graffiti is anything but bad; in fact it’s good! Instead of touching up this graffiti with damaging aerosols, all you have to do is water it every now and again!

Here we show you how to make your own moss graffiti.


What supplies do you need to create your own moss graffiti?

-3 cups of clean moss washed and without any attached debris or soil, you can buy at the store or gather around the yard

-2 cups plain yogurt or buttermilk

-2 cups water (or beer!)

-1/2 tsp of sugar

-Dollop of corn syrup is optional

-An old blender


Step #1: Find moss and clean it


Step #2: Combine the washed moss, buttermilk, water, sugar, and optional corn syrup into a blender. This can get a little messy, and it can be hard to get the earthy smell out of your blender, and so you might want to use an old blender, or one you don’t plan to use for your smoothie tomorrow morning.


Incredibly unhealthy corn syrup is optional!


Step #3: Transfer the blended ingredients into a bucket


Step #4: Use a paintbrush to spread the moss on the surface of your choice. You can form any pattern that you want, but make sure to use plenty of the moss-based all-natural paint!



Step #5: Return to your moss graffiti about once a week to spray with water, especially if you live in a dry climate. Just like any living thing, moss needs water to grow.


Step #6: Have patience! Don’t give up, in some climates it just takes longer for moss graffiti to grow, but when properly applied and watered it should take hold!

Moss growers beware, I wouldn’t apply moss graffiti to a brick wall. Overtime this will compromise the integrity of the wall and create a lot more upkeep and maintenance for you to deal with. Bricks don’t do well with water, in fact you want to keep water and naturally moist foliage as far away from your bricks as possible.


The London based artist Anna Garforth is responsible for this awesome moss graffiti art pictured above and below. She also creates many other wondrous creations, which draw from a variety of her skills including design, craft, and illustration.



Artist Hugo Rojas created this bear moss graffiti as well as the moose below, for the DUMBO ArtsFest this year. His theme for the project was wild animals of New York State.

According to the DUMBO ArtsFest website, Rojas has been “exploring photography, video and street art as a means of intervention.” The site also explains that, “This piece aims to revive the real New Yorkers, creating live visuals of the animals that lived in this area for centuries, in the form of moss graffiti.”

These moss drawings in particular, pictured above and below, are more detailed than Rojas’ usual work. You can find them on the outside walls of the Galapagos Art Space.


Restaurants, private residences, outdoor gardens, the list of places you can apply your own DIY moss graffiti go on and on. This totally affordable project adds unique charm to any location. Just be careful where you get crafty, even when written in moss, graffiti of any sort can still be considered a crime, so planters beware.


Photo Credits: wikihowwebponceAnna GarforthEdina TokodiJaime RojoAnna Garforth