2 Months Later, This Toddler Is Still Napping With His Puppy


These pictures of an adorable snoozing pair are sure to melt your heart.

Mommy and blogger Jessica Shyba has captured numerous aw-worthy moments of her son, Beau, and their family puppy, Theo, cuddling up together as they take their daily nap.

Both continue to grow bigger each and every day, but they don’t seem to be growing tired of their precious napping routine.




It all started around Christmas in 2012 when Shyba took her 3 kids to see Santa in New York. While on Santa’s lap, two of her older children, Jack & Zoe, asked him for a puppy. While Shyba and her husband would have loved to meet their children’s request, their New York apartment building prohibited any dogs. However, once they eventually moved out of the city, they decided it was time to begin their quest for a puppy.


They searched local shelters for several weeks, but didn’t find the perfect pet until they visited an SPCA in Santa Cruz. At the shelter, they spotted Theo, then named Big Bird, tucked in amongst his two siblings. He was the shyest of them all, but, as soon as they entered they pen, he bounded into Beau’s lap. It was then that they knew he was the one.



Theo was brought home at the early age of 7 weeks. He was abandoned as a baby and seemed to constantly crave attention and affection, always wanting to be near his new family, whether in their laps or at their feet.


Just 3 days after coming home with them, Theo joined Beau for his daily nap. It was such a cute moment that Shyba couldn’t help but snap a photo.




The next day, Theo joined Beau for his nap again, beginning an adorable new routine.






Since then, Theo meets Beau and his mother at naptime every day. He patiently sits by Beau and waits for him to fall asleep before joining him for a snooze of his own. The pair sleep together, often entwined, for the entirety of their nap.



Their sleeping routine was so adorable it was impossible for Shyba not to share her photos with the rest of her world, and she continues to do so. But how could you resist not showing the world such a precious little pair?