See What Happened When This Cat Woke Up Missing Some Parts


Poor Milo thought he was just enjoying an extra long nap but when he woke up he instantly knew something wasn’t right. To his kitty-cat surprise Milo realized he was missing some parts… namely his man-bits. His owner, John Reed, captured Milo’s angry reaction right when he woke up after his operation.

6-month-old Milo lives with his doting owners in Cumbria, England in a village called Frizington. Milo started coming out of his surgery-induced haze on his owner’s bed, thankfully John was nearby with camera in hand.

In an interview with SWNS John said, “It was priceless. He took about a good hour or so coming around. He looked down and realised they were missing and let out this almighty screech. I just chuckled. We’ve had a good laugh at the pictures since. The second one is amazing.”

You’re likely feeling bad for Milo right about now thinking this all just seems so cruel, but before you ban ‘neutering’ from your list of acceptable practices know that it’s an important tool in regards to controlling unwanted kitten litters. Unneutered house cats make a lot of babies, most of which would end up on the streets or in shelters.

angry-cat-photo-reaction-neutered-snipped-milo-258-year-old John Reed, who works as a property developer, and his wife Julia, 59, had the operation booked in their schedule for a while but the news was a complete shock to Milo. In fact, Jon shares, “He carried on looking down and staring for ages.”

angry-cat-photo-reaction-neutered-snipped-milo-1Photo Credits: Jon Reed, SWNS

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