Mirrored Ziggurat Connects Earth and Sky in Sydney, Australia

mirror zig

Photo Credit: shirinabedinirad.com

Artist Shirin Abedinirad said she was inspired by the pyramidal structure of Ziggurat, a common form of temple in ancient Mesopotamia used in an attempt to connect the earth and sky in order for humans to be closer to God, to create her sculpture, the Mirrored Ziggurat.


This pyramid of mirrors rests near a bay in Sydney, Australia as part of the Underbelly Arts Festival. Similar to her earlier mirror works, the Iranian artist says she’s fascinated by stitching the sky to the ground (or vice versa, depending on your perspective) to create unusual optical illusions from almost every viewing angle.

In a statement she explains, “The Mirrored Ziggurat acts as a staircase, which seeks to connect nature with human beings and to create union of ancient history and today’s world. This installation offers a transformative view of the self.


“It has seven levels that represent seven heavens,” she added. “For me, mirrors amplify this paradise, giving light; an important mystical concept in Persian Culture, and a medium creating an optical illusion.”

Certainly stunning yet her other works are no less impressive. You can see more of them on her website at shirinabedinirad.com and find out more about the Mirrored Ziggurat on the video below: