18 Adorable Dogs With Their Mini-Me Puppies


Just like humans, dogs have a natural instinct to start their own family and raise a gaggle of little puppies.

Mother dogs have inborn nurturing instincts; in fact according to one study female dogs are more sociable than male dogs due to their nurturing natures. During the study researchers gave three boxes filled with treats to both male and female dogs, only two of the three boxes could be opened. Interestingly, the female dogs were much more likely to ask a researcher for help than their male companions. Kind of like humans, since women are far more likely to ask for directions than men!

Male dogs make good parents too, in fact many dog dads love nothing more than their little bundle of joy… just take a look at #13! So even if male dogs don’t want to ask for directions they still know how to love their puppies with all of their hearts.

Mom and dad dogs doting over their puppies is one of the cutest things ever, hands down. The mini-me puppies on this list are sure to melt your heart… and likely make you want your own little family of dogs.