20 Cats With Their Adorable Mini-Me Kittens


Last week we shared some adorable dogs with their mini-me puppies, and now we present to you adorable cats with their mini-me kittens. Dogs are known for being big-hearted and loving, but cats make great parents too.

Despite their ‘evil’ reputation, cats are very sweet and protective towards their little ones. These photos also prove cats feel a great deal of pride over their furry bundle of joys.

Kittens need socialization after 2 weeks but they should spend the majority of time with their mom and littermates. All of this time with mom creates quite a special bond to form, not only do cats and their kittens look alike but they often act alike too.

There’s nothing much cuter than kittens, except maybe seeing the love of mom and dad as they look after their adorable mini-me kittens.

1. I Got It From My Mama

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-19__700Photo Credit: NatureGeek_inBR

2. Teaching Kitten How To Get What She Wants

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-391__700Photo Credit: kachimo.exblog.jp

3. Don’t Embarrass Me In Front Of The Neighbors

XX-Cats-With-Their-Mini-Mes12__700Photo Credit: zedextol

4. Mom And Dad Lovingly Looking Over Their Kitties

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-40__700Photo Credit: hakunasomevodka

5. Contagious Kitty Yawns

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-45__700Photo Credit: PKMNGisela

6. Cat With Her Wild Mini-Me Kitten

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-16__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

7. Looks Like Mom Is Taking A Selfie Of Her And Her Precious Mini-Me Kitten

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-332__700Photo Credit: Unknown

8. Don’t Mess With My Mini-Me!

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-26__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

9. Big With Her Little

XX-Cats-With-Their-Mini-Mes3__700Photo Credit: checkmydubstep

10. Momma Cat Snuggles Her Little Kitty

XX-Cats-With-Their-Mini-Mes1__700Photo Credit: ZeGermanGamer

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11. All Lined Up Biggest To Smallest

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-1__700Photo Credit: IAMA_dragon-AMA

12. She’s Got Spots Just Like Her Momma!

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-17__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

13. Chillin Like My Daddy

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-201__700Photo Credit: imgur.com 

14. These Two Look More Like One

XX-Cats-With-Their-Mini-Mes11__700Photo Credit: smay

15. These Mini-Me Kittens Keep Mommy Very Busy

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-51__700Photo Credit: zakali2

16. Meet Acela and Gingerginza

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-41__700Photo Credit: Sakura Ishihara

17. Matching Markings

XX-Cats-With-Their-Mini-Mes13__700Photo Credit: thankYouForReading

18. Starshine and Mother Lilith

11823792_588621124608931_2052307698_n__700Photo Credit: Dijana Hinic

19. Cheese!

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-18__700Photo Credit: imgur.com

20. Kitten Returning The Love

cat-and-mini-me-counterpart-34__700Photo Credit: Unknown

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