For The Past 5 Years This Japanese Artist Has Created Amusing Mini Dioramas Out Of Every Day Objects


Did your parents ever tell you not to play with your food? While playing with your dinner is far from good table manners, one talented Japanese artist has plenty of reasons to argue why you should play with your food… namely his amazing mini dioramas, which often incorporate food.

Tatsuya Tanaka keeps himself busy every single day constructing incredible mini dioramas that depict everyday life in the most creative ways possible. For instance, he has used a toothbrush to represent a shower and broccoli to represent trees. The surprising part is how well it works!

Tanaka’s artwork makes you think twice as he uses random objects to represent scenes in ways you would never think of. His work clearly shows that with a little creativity anything is possible.

Tanaka picked up his unique skill for creating mini dioramas back in 2011 and has since only gotten better at his craft. The artist says, “Everyone must have had similar thoughts at least once. Broccoli and parsley might sometimes look like a forest, or the tree leaves floating on the surface of the water might sometimes look like little boats.”

I have never personally thought of turning music symbols into running hurdles or broccoli into a tree complete with swing set, but Tanaka’s unique artwork will likely change the way I look at everyday objects.

The toothbrush shower

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-510Swinging from a broccoli tree has never looked so fun

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-810Mountains of potatoes

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-118Running with music


Climbing up donut mountain

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-131Playing on a grand piano

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-410Farming for sesame seeds

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-201Yummy spiral slide

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-161Edible pompoms made of candy

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-910Reduce your sodium intake by sweeping potato chips

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-191Tables made of bottle caps

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-241Greener pastures are just a sweater away

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-152Running on old school technology

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-141Working on computer chips

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-710The newest Starbucks on the block

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-181It’s a winter wonderland out here, don’t forget to bring your sweater!

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-310Sandy beaches made of cardboard

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-1010Come and eat!

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-121Bike racks

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-231It’s raining books out here!

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-610The newest sport for adventurers is sponge climbing

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-211Pianos and pasta

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-171Swimming laps in a pool pan

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-221You can enjoy a daily dose of Tanaka’s art via Facebook, or his website where you will find his famous miniature calendar that will make your day every day of the year.

diorama-miniature-calendar-art-every-day-tanaka-tatsuya-251Photo Credits: miniature-calendar.comInstagram, Facebook

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