Mind-Bending Sand Art Created By New Zealand Artists

beach art

Photo Credit: Constanza Nightingale Facebook, David Rendu Facebook

Imagine taking a stroll along the beach and suddenly finding what looks to be a portal to another dimension. That’s what might happen if you were walking at the edge of Okains Bay in New Zealand, thanks to artist duo Constanza Nightingale and David Rendu. Together, the pair have created some impressive, mind-bending sand art with large-scale images in the sand, many of which give the illusion of being three-dimensional.

Alternating squares of sand and white seashells make up the stunning work pictured below, an optical illusion that tricks the human eye through a carefully manipulated perspective. When viewed from a certain angle, this sand installation looks as though it is sinking into an endless abyss at the center and is oddly reminiscent of the rabbit hole from Alice in Wonderland. Ultimately, each part of this piece, including both the seashells and the their alignment, work together to give it an almost magical aura.

shell sand art

People occasionally like to stop and play with the images, often posing with them to further enhance the illusions.




Nightingale and Rendu, along with fellow 3DSD founder Jamie Harkins, are also artists in other fields, creating paintings and sculptures when they’re not making their incredible, mind-bending sand art.