These Images Of The Milky Way Over Yellowstone Will Make Your Heart Race


The night sky is far more incredible than we often give it credit for; in fact it’s more breathtaking than the naked eye can see on its own. Kansas-based photographer David Lane spent four months taking images of the Milky Way extending over Yellowstone Park. As a result his images capture the true beauty of the Milky Way galaxy in its glittering splendor, replicating a stunning nighttime rainbow.

Night photography is a tricky task that requires some technical skills. The night sky is never 100% dark thanks to the faint glow of lights given off by our planetary atmosphere. Lane adjusted the airglow saturation, increasing it by 10%. For some photos he combined as many as 16 shots to get the perfect picture.

Lane is greatly inspired by the night sky and the unique perspective it provides. He writes on his Facebook page, “Get away from the light drive out 20-30 miles out of town and look up on a clear dark night and you may see something that will forever change your life. This is what a galaxy looks like from the inside.”

Even if you don’t have the time (or gas money) to drive 30 miles out of town this week, simply looking at these breathtaking images of the Milky Way over Yellowstone might be enough to change the way you view the night sky.

colorful-milky-way-photographs-yellowstone-park-2An avid fan of astro-photography David’s goal is to “help celebrate the beauty of the night skies and our galactic neighbors.”

You can order prints of David Lane’s beautiful Milky Way photos here.

colorful-milky-way-photographs-yellowstone-park-3Lane’s incredible photos have been featured in countless magazines as well as online. His images were also Nasa’s astronomy picture of the day a total of 6 times in 2014. See more of his work on his website or Facebook page.

colorful-milky-way-photographs-yellowstone-park-1Photo Credits: davidlaneastrophotography.comFacebook500px

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