Merman Beard: Men Are Dyeing Their Hair With Vivid Colors Like Never Before

merman beards

If mermaids are real there must be mermen, and the guys on this list are here to prove it! Women have been dying their hair funky shades of purple, green and blue for a while now so it’s about time men jumped on board. The latest merman beard trend is transforming ordinary facial hair into wondrous pops of color.

Some men are only dying the hair atop their head vibrant colors, while others are also dying their beards to match. Either way, these fun and funky dudes are sure to get a lot of attention wherever they go.

If you’re a guy would you take on the latest merman beard trend? And ladies, would you date a guy with a purple or bright blue head (and face) full of hair? Perhaps you should take in all of the pictures below before making up your mind!

1. Purple On Purple

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-1__605Photo Credit: Thomas Bird

2. Every Color Of The Rainbow

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-36__605Photo Credit: hateboy2

3. Fresh Paint Job

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-31__605Photo Credit: yochlo33

4. Your Hair Color Should Always Compliment Your Eyes

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-26__605Photo Credit: mikelavision

5. Merman Beard On Point

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-15__605Photo Credit: fest300

6. Green As Grass

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-45__605Photo Credit: migsays

7. Brows To Dye For

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-22__605Photo Credit: australianigloo

8. Seeing Purple

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-37__605Photo Credit: hateboy2

9. Don’t Be Jelly Of My Mermaid Locks #mermenselfie

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-35__605Photo Credit: matty1028

10. Please Don’t Cut My Merman Hair!

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-24__605Photo Credit: imogenrichardss

11. Pink Cap To Match His Pink Beard

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-43__605Photo Credit: webstylestory

12. Bright Green Curls, Yes Please!

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-39__605Photo Credit: acidspring

13. You’re Never Too Manly For Purple

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-47__605Photo Credit: daechristinecolor

14. His Beard Just Might Turn Green With Hair Envy

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-21__605Photo Credit: hamesjinkle

15. Two Of A Kind

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-4__605Photo Credit: Thomas Bird

16. White On Teal

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-13__605Photo Credit: felixxjcm

17. Go Big Or Go Home

image554__605Photo Credit: Бебо Халваджиян

18. Taste The Rainbow

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-8__605Photo Credit: Thomas Bird

19. Shades Of Purple

merman-colorful-beard-hair-dye-men-trend-33__605Photo Credit: yochlo33

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