Men Love Cats Too: Photographer Challenges ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Stereotype


We have all heard about the crazy cat lady, the feline obsessed female who has far too many cats… or simply loves her cats so much it’s borderline ‘crazy.’ But why are women the only ones getting called ‘crazy’ for loving irresistibly cute cats? What about cat crazy men, certainly plenty of men out there own and love cats.

In fact, my own boyfriend could be considered a ‘crazy cat man.’ It is quite possible that he loves his kitty cat more than me, he talks about him constantly, and the two are never seen more than a few feet apart. Still, my friends and family will call me cat crazy before him… and I talk about cats half as much!

It’s time for things to change and people to realize there are just as many crazy cat men in the world as there are crazy cat women. New York-based photographer David Williams is trying to change this false stereotype with his photo series, “Men & Cats.”

The men in these photos are clearly not actually ‘crazy’ but they are crazy about their kitty cats!


Williams photographs men from all walks of life with their precious cats. Williams, a dedicated cat owner, told TimeOut New York, “I wanted to show that regardless of gender, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring.”

David originally started his Men & Cats project back in 2009 in order to end the age-old stereotype about the “crazy cat lady.” David can relate to all of the burly dudes he photographs with their precious felines, after all he shares his Brooklyn, NY home with a cat of his own, and his girlfriend too.



This is Eric with his two cats Pup and Bean. Eric is a cat lover and he is also a musician that plays in two great bands, Adult Dude and Infinity Hotel.


Meet Ross and Jabsco, a great pair of friends that enjoy plenty of cuddles.


Originally from Denver, the talented photographer moved to New York after graduating from the Art Institute of Colorado in 2011. David has also lived in Antarctica in 2009, and few people can say they have lived there!


When Williams is not taking photos and hanging out with cats he enjoys rocking out at Saint Vitus and watching great films at Cobble Hill Cinemas. He is a fan of hockey, music that is fast and loud, and “not eating animals.”


While visiting his hometown of Colorado, Williams photographed Brent “Sasquatch” and his fancy feline friend Sammy.


There is nothing crazy at all about loving cats. Cats make superior companions, plus they will never love your guests more than they love you… not even for a minute. Cats are incredibly loyal and once you win over their heart, they are your best friends forever.

Williams considers this one of his favorite photos from 2014:


Williams is truly a creative with many awesome photo projects in his portfolio. His newest series focuses on people of abnormally tall proportions. Within the last two weeks he has also been busy taking photos of dogs competing in the Westminster Dog Show.

Other photo projects Williams has recently worked on include Midwest Bowling Allies, Antarctica, Spain and more. Check out David Williams’ website to see all of his awesome work! He encourages anyone living in Denver or New York that wants to be involved with the Men & Cats series to contact him.


If you were tight with Williams you would have received this festively feline card for the holidays. “Here is the annual holiday card photo that I took of me, my beautiful girlfriend, and our shy kitty Margot.”


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