Meet Zeus: Rescued Blind Owl With Starry Eyes


Owls are incredible creatures that we don’t get to see up close and personal all too often. For one, they are excellent at camouflaging during the day, hiding in trees with their eyes closed tight so that you can pass one and never even know they are there. Owls prefer to come out at night to hunt when they are faced with less competition and threats.

So you can imagine the surprise one Southern California family got one morning when they opened their door and found an injured owl on the porch.

Not only was the owl injured, but also he appeared to have stars in his eyes. Kudos to the family for immediately taking the owl to their local vet. Since then the Western Screech Owl has found a permanent home at the Wildlife Learning Center, located in Sylmar, California.


Zeus was discovered after flying directly into a house and bumping his head. The poor owl was scared but suffered no real damage, and was quickly able to get back up on his feet.

The reason Zeus flew into the wall in the first place has to do with him being almost completely blind. Due to his condition his rescuers couldn’t just release him back into the wild. As a result, Zeus now lives on top of a filing cabinet located in Paul Hahn’s office; Paul is the founder of the Wildlife Learning Center.


Bored Panda scored an interview with Paul Hahn in which he explained a little bit more about the adorable owl. Since they share an office and all, the two have become pretty close. Hahn shares, “Zeus exudes a very peaceful presence and is very calm. He has a very big personality and exhibits a bit of a curious nature.”

When Zeus was first discovered he was emaciated and in need of some serious tender love and care. According to Hahn, “A veterinary ophthalmologist thoroughly examined him, brought him back to health, and deemed him nonreleasable because he only has about 10% of his vision and would not be able survive in the wild on his own”


Not only is the owl downright adorable, but also he has the most incredible eyes, which truly look like they are full of stars. This is how he got the name Zeus, after the Greek God of sky and thunder. So what causes his eyes to glitter like a starry night sky? Zeus has a condition known as capsular cataract, which produces unique flecks caused by fibrin/blood pigment clots.


Every visitor that comes to Wildlife Learning Center is delighted to meet and greet with the awesome owl now living a life that is happy and worry-free.


Owls have incredible camouflage talents; even at his new home Zeus continues to utilize his inbreed camouflage techniques. Many people have no idea Zeus is even in the room until someone points him out. If someone does notice the owl they often assume he is a stuffed animal because he so calm. Hahn says, “When he wakes and opens his eyes, people gasp. We have had people almost in tears when he reveals his peepers.”

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Plus he adds that extra special touch to holiday decor!

Zeus is incredibly sweet and friendly, and due to his disability he is sparking so much awareness to the public about Screech Owls. It’s easy to understand why Hahn considers Zeus, “…an ambassador to his species.”


Zeus is such a hoot, how can you not fall in love?!

Visit the Wildlife Learning Center website to learn more about all of the incredible work they do!

Photo Credits:  wildlifelearningcenter.comFacebook