Meet the Endangered Adorable Bilby


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Bilbies are an adorable creature native to Australia. These marsupials are endangered, so to raise money and increase awareness of conservation efforts, bilby-shaped chocolates and related merchandise are sold within many stores throughout Australia as an alternative to Easter bunnies.

Once widespread in arid, semi-arid and relatively fertile areas, the bilby is now restricted to arid regions and remains a threatened species.It makes its home in a burrow that spirals down, making it hard for its predators to get in. The bilby prefers arid habitats because of the spinifex grass and the acacia shrubs.

The Greater Bilby is on the endangered list, but unfortunately, the Lesser Bilby, is believed to be extinct. Bilbies have lots of predators including some of the ones that humans own. Large populations of feral cats have killed the Australian bilbies, as those cats can be vicious and are usually larger than a domestic cat. Bilbies are easy prey for dingoes and foxes as they have poor eyesight. Cattle and sheep have also taken over most of the bilbies habitats around Australia, and, the majority of their food source and burrows are destroyed by herds in addition to the introduction of dams and bore water has increased the number of bilby competitors.

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Bilbies are mainly endangered because of humans. Humans take their land to build houses on, making them find another place, but sometimes that can’t find another spot to call home. Currently there are only about 600 bilbies left on the entire planet.


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