Meet Rufus: The Dog Who Has Hilarious Adventures While Sleeping


Meet Rufus: a goofy dog living the good life in Santa Monica, California. The 3-year-old Pharaoh Hound dog has quite a sense of humor, and he also sleeps like a brick! This giddy guy makes his owners laugh when he is awake, and he also makes them laugh when he is asleep.

The lucky owner of this adventurous sleepyhead is model, actress and dog photographer Sara Rehnmark. Sara says of her beloved dog, “He’s a funny dog that smiles on command (and when he’s happy), enjoys having spaz outs…playing at the beach and sleeping.”

Clearly sleeping is one of Rufus’ greatest talents. Judging by these photos it looks like he can keep snoozing through some pretty big adventures! Meet Rufus, the dog who has hilarious adventures while sleeping–he even has his own website at!

Dreams of being a great housekeeper… “You need me to fluff pillows?”


Sara writes for her prized pup, “I can put my own cone on, I smile on command (and when I’m happy) and I sneeze when I smile too much (ACHOO!).”

The best sorts of dreams are made up of “Reindeers and chipmunks and rabbits, OH MY!”


Rufus has a lot of nicknames including, Ruf, Rubix the Cubix, Roofers, Scoobers, Ruby Tuesday, and Tuesday Morning. Confused why he has so many random nicknames? Sara admits, “I’m not real sure how some of these became nicknames.” I can relate, I give my animals endless nicknames too, it’s weird but it just happens!

Dreaming of world travels…


Rufus really does know a thing or two about traveling; he has even been cross-country skiing in Lake Tahoe.

S’mores and campfires make for delightful dreams


Sara and her husband Brian are adamant about people pairing up with the right breed of dog for their lifestyle. The couple did a great deal of research before bringing Ruf home. As a result, they all get along famously.

Hit the snooze button, I’m just going to dream about my morning routine


Don’t let all of these sleepy photos trick you into thinking Rufus is lazy. Rufus goes on at least 2 long walks everyday and enjoys endless hours of playtime. He has hiked all over the sunny seaside hills in Santa Monica, and knows plenty of tricks.

In your dreams, Mr. Magician


“I think my dog is hilarious.  He’s been a goofball ever since he was a puppy.  I take pictures and videos of Rufus because he CRACKS me up and makes me smile!!!  I hope he’ll crack you up too.” -Sara Rehnmark

Dreaming of designer duds


It’s not everyday you see a Pharaoh Hound, although they are the oldest breed of domesticated dog. They originated from Malta and were bred to hunt rabbits. These beauties can run up to 30 miles per hour and jump a 6-foot fence, in other words they are only for the experienced dog owner. Despite their tremendous stamina, these dogs also love to be big-time couch potatoes.

Pharaoh Hounds are curious, independent, sweet and love to please. When they are happy they are known to show off a big grin in proof.

What a beautiful stadium jumper

As an equestrian, I have to admit this is my favorite dream of all!


When you’re a dog living in Santa Monica, CA, life is always a beach


Rufus is no stranger to the beach; in fact he has been many times. The first time he saw the golden sand and the big blue waves he was only 3-months-old. Today, playing at the beach remains one of his favorite things to do, hence why he can’t stop dreaming about life in the sand!

“I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too…”

Playing a witch, but a good witch of course!


Rufus giving his mommy kisses


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