Meet Garfi, The World’s Angriest Cat


There’s a new kitty cat surfing the viral Internet scene. His name is Garfi and he’s a fluffy orange Persian cat with a very intimidating stare. Don’t let his facial characteristics scare you off; he’s a pretty sweet feline with a very busy life.

When you first meet Garfi the cat you might be a little bit worried or concerned, after all he appears to be very angry and ready to kill whoever gets in his way. Despite what his scrunched facial expression seems to be warning all who encounter the plump orange kitty-cat, Garfi is incredibly friendly. He is also easy-going, just look at all of the shenanigans he lets his owner drag him into!


Garfi lives with his owner Hulya Ozkok in Turkey, he enjoys his life with a large family and other cat friends. Despite his happy-go-kitty lifestyle, he still looks pissed off just about all of the time.

Hulya’s son persuaded his mother to originally post photos of their cat on Flickr, he just knew other people would take a liking to the very grumpy expression Garfi can’t help but make all day. The Flickr account reads: “My son wanted me to open an account for photos of our cat, Garfi. It’s the reason to join Flickr. However I am glad to join. Nice to meet you.”

Hulya’s humble postings quickly skyrocketed to popularity with people all over sharing photos of the adorable feline with a truly unique face. After all, Garfi looks as cute as a cartoon, and since cats have a reputation for being sassy felines, it makes his natural facial expressions all the more hilarious.


Most cats hate water, but something tells me Garfi is no ordinary cat. Water may not be his least favorite thing in the world… something you wouldn’t know by simply looking at his face. But he does go after a lot of faucets with serious vigor.


Hey Garfi, are you having a good time? Then tell your face!


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You think Garfi looks feisty when he’s happy, wait till you see him get angry…


Don’t even think about taking my human cup of water….


Persian cats make a beautiful breed that is actually known for their uniquely shaped faces. Although Garfi is not the only viral cat with a very angry face, it is not common for such a predominant frown to constantly be displayed.

Genetics play a big role in personality, and Persians are among the sweetest breeds. Cats like Garfi require a lot of love and attention, and are one of the most popular breeds around the world. They do not like a life of solitude; instead they enjoy a calm atmosphere with plenty of stimulation.


I once read somewhere that cats make hundreds of facial expressions, and almost all of them are angry. In the case of Garfi that is most certainly true. But don’t judge a kitty by his cover, according to his family Garfi has a heart the same color as his coat, gold.


Meet Angry Santa-Paws


“You want me to deliver HOW MANY toys in only one night?! Bah humbug!”


I’m only happy when it rains….


This is my drawer, you hear me?



A fierce soccer competitor, Garfi intimidates his opponents with skills and a permanent grimace.


“I absolutely hate this book and I’ve almost read the whole thing.”


Cat in the box looks ready to pounce…


You never know, even under that great big frown sweet little Garfi just might be purring…


Stop staring, will ya?!


Photo Credits: Flickr, Getty images