Meet Atchoum: The Cat Whose Soul-Piercing Stare Will Devour You Whole


If looks could kill Atchoum, the 9-month-old kitty with soul-piercing eyes, would already have a gaggle of victims! One look into this cat’s fierce gaze is enough to make you feel as though you are looking death straight in the eyes.

Nathalie, Atchoum’s proud owner, doesn’t let her cat’s crazy eyes get to her; she knows he’s really just a big sweetie pie. In fact, he’s a completely normal cat, besides his hypertrichosis which makes him extremely hairy. Oh, and then there’s the fact he is famous. Atchoum has over 20,000 followers (and growing) on his official Instagram, atchoumfan.

His popularity is easy to understand; once you look into those piercing eyes you just can’t get enough…


Atchoum lives with his owner Nathalie in Quebec, Canada. It is Atchoum’s stare that has won over the hearts of so many social media users. Most of which have never even met Atchoum, but thosands still follow him and enjoy every last picture his owner posts.

At the start of this month, Atchoum had 1,622 follows on Instagram. Within only a couple weeks Atchoum’s following has grown to over 20,000 followers! This is even more incredible considering Atchoum’s very first post on Instagram dates back to January 25, 2015–only 3 weeks ago!


As mentioned above, Atchoum suffers from a condition called hypertrichosis, which causes excessive hair growth. As a result, Atchoum has an abnormal amount of hair covering his tiny little cat body.

Hypertrichosis is related to hormonal issues, and can impact humans as well as animals. It causes excessive hair growth in all species, and can impact the entire body or only a certain area. Some have the condition from birth while others develop it later in life.

Atchoum has a lot of hair everywhere, but the majority of his fur comes right out of his face, making his fabulously fierce eyes pop even more.


Are you curious about this cat’s unique name? Atchoum translates to “Sneezy” in English.


Atchoum sets the perfect example why you should never judge a book by its cover. Judging by Atchoum’s disheveled appearance and glaring eyes you might feel threatened or afraid. Fear not my friend. Nathalie describes Atchoum as a cuddle-bug, and ‘loving’ animal who enjoys all of the traditional feline activities.

Atchoum loves watching TV, playing Cat Playground on Nathalie’s iPad, digging through the fridge in search of food, and getting his paws wet. He might look at you with deadly eyes, but all he wants to do is cuddle, eat, and chill in the sink!


Atchoum doesn’t just like to cuddle up in a dry sink, he even enjoys taking baths! He’s not the only cat that loves water: 25 Crazy Cats That Love Water.


Atchoum loves hanging out on the piano bench… intimidating all who wish to play a tune.


And he likes to sit on top of the laptop too… basically he wants to sit anywhere strange and unexpected, that’s a cat for you!


Where’s my dinner? I’m starving!


Who you looking at? A toy stuffed giraffe tries to hold a starring contest with Atchoum.




Is it just me or does Atchoum’s perfect little face sort of resemble an owl?


Hard at work or hardly working? It’s good to be famous!


Imagine seeing these eyes starring at you through a random window as you pass by (channel horror music now).



Imitating the Grinch…


Atchoum’s fame remains new, meaning you still have time to follow him on Facebook or Instagram before it’s the “on-trend” thing to do. Oh, come on, who can resist this adorable feline?!


Going around glaring at everyone all day makes Atchoum tired. Just like any cat, this furry feline needs plenty of beauty rest.


Photo Credit: FacebookInstagram