Divers Off Portugal Coast Stunned By Massive Sunfish


Photo Credit: Miguel Pereira/YouTube

In some rather astonishing footage, Miguel Pereira captured the moment some deep sea divers came face-to-face with a massive sunfish basking in warm waters off the coast of Portugal.

The YouTube video, recently posted, shows the sunfish, renowned for its giant size (they can weigh up to 2,200 pounds) and rather bizarre appearance – gliding through the ocean as the group of divers swim alongside it. The sunfish dwarfed the divers, who swam alongside it for several minutes. Its caption read: “The slow-moving fish and clear water allow for some spectacular close-ups of this amazing animal.”

Fortunately, despite their huge size, the fish poses no danger to humans as sunfish eat mostly jellyfish and crustaceans.

They’re the largest fish in the world to have skeletons made from bone, rather than cartilage. Although they are gigantic and often terrifying in appearance, they are truly harmless. Docile by nature, they’re considered a delicacy in parts of Japan and Taiwan, and can often be seen basking at the ocean’s surface on their side.

Still, although an unforgettable experience, it would be rather alarming to come upon such a creature of this size, don’t you think?